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hi I'm naoko ( melissa) so I really don't know what to say here so well, I began too like manga when I was around 5, with mon cole knight, after came sailor moon dragon ball, pokemon, digimon and all those children's classic ( walt disney include^^)but more after, I got my first nintendo, became a real crack of it and in 6 grade I had my computer! but I doesn't really go play on it, mostly video game but well, thats not more then two year that I began to really go on the web ( mainly because I can only talk with my friend here^^)so well, I found a lot of galeries and well, finally end up here ( along with two other place^^ DA and kaiyosei) so thats thats you now know more about my life

Thursday, February 23, 2006

damm XD
wel, you can think I had forgotten here but NO! I dun...I just don't know how I can post piccies here..well, how to redimension them...but oh well, I'll found a way one day XD

just updating so well, see ya

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Monday, January 23, 2006

   oh meh god
niuh!? its been a leftime since I came here! niuh, thought I don't have much to say but well...just updating^^
see ya

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Friday, December 16, 2005

listening to: a voice in my head--
mood: sleepy

I just woke up this morning to be able to connect, seriously, I had only thirty minutes yesterday to go on the comp and do everything, but HOW am I suppose to do everything in thirty minute!I can't do this, I got too much anyways, but even so, the connection here is pretty slow so I only got the time to be on battleon, update my livejournal at the same time and read my hotmail! I couldn't even go here nor on dev or else cause I haven't got the time, grrr and now, I only got one hour to do m thing and I'm still pretty sleepy sooo...but ewverything id ok cause I got my lunch ready and I'm dress, not to forget that my bed is done too...well, its all ok, I just never take breakfast...dunno why but its always like this.

other than this, I feel ok. I'm woking up slowlyhere but I got nothung more to say so
see ya all^^

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