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Welcome Everyone ^-^

Flowers, feathers, butterflies, sparcles, magic, colours, music and adventure... that's what anime gives to our lives.
Enjoy yourselves!

Hi, my name is Brenda and I am from Argentina! As you can see English is my second lenguage (so I also speak Spanish). I am 20 years old and soon I'll be 21 (September 28th). I study History at University and I'm in the third year now ^-^
I work as a teacher and I also work as a translator for a website. I still live with my parents though....
I love anime since i was very little, the first series i remember watching were The Transformers, Candy Candy and then Sailor Moon. I've seen and loved a lot of anime and I read some manga too, but my all time favourites are Inu-yasha and Card Captors Sakura!
My friends call me Bren though i have a lot of nicknames: Tomoyo, squirrel, joker, and a lot more....
I like laughing and I always try to make people feel good... and no matter how sad I feel I always try my best to smile and find the good side of things^^
Well, there you go, now you know a bit more about me ^-^

Please sing my guestbook before leaving I promise I'll return the favor ^-^
By the way, please visit my sis site, she is just starting: midorikospearl

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

   I like puppies

I am quite sleepy tonight, i haven't been sleeping well lately. I just can't go to bed early because anime starts after 12 am here and, it's my only chance to watch good series. So until 2 am i can't go to sleep! And i have to get up early to study so... that's why on weekends i sleep like a bear in winter.
Anyway, i'm also dying of how hot the weather is this days, i just can't stand it anymore, and today was sooo horribly HOT! and i had to go to college and take the train and well, you get the picture, it was dreadful.
But enough of complaning, i can gladly inform you all that i've already passed two of the three classes i was taking, i only have one left and three weeks to the exam, i hope i get it right...
Then all along the break i will have to prepare for my final exams, but i won't worry about that now.
Random questions:
1. Do you belive elves exist?
2. Do you think they are good or evil?
My answer: Yes, i do. I think they are good, but as it happens around humans, there's probably some bad dudes too.

Do you want to know where this came from well, last week my friends and I were talking about all sort of weir thigs we believe in. And i confessed that i believe in elves. Of course, they laughed and thought i was crazy so, i tald them that my sister had seen one when she was little and that i tatally believed her because i always thought that elves do exist. And they laughed harder. Ok, my friends don't but I do, what about you?
OK, that's enough nonsense for now, i'll see you guys around
PS: sorry if i had any spelling mistakes i'm just tired and i don't wanna check the dictionary

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   I like rice

Hello everybody, I don't have much to say about my weekend so i'm going to express something that really bothers me about people:
Don't you just hate it when people treats you like a weirdo just because you like anime?
I hate it when people says that i'm 'inmature' because i watch anime. I mean, i can be inmature but anime has nothing to do with it! HAHA!
Seriously people get on my nerve when they say: 'ain't you a little to old to watch cartoons?', BUT ANIME AIN'T CARTOONS! IT'S LIKE WATCHING A NORMAL TV SERIE, JUST THAT IT IS ANIMATED! It is very annoying!
Sometime even my own friends make fun of me because of me watching anime (I do have friends who love anime too, but not many). I love my friends and they accept me for who I am but, sometimes they make fun of me because i watch anime or because i love reading Harry Potter or because i'm a Lord of the Rings fan, and even though we share some laughs, deep inside i feel like i shouldn't be laughing of who i am and they shouldn't either.
The truth is that i am a total otaku and i feel totally cool about it, i love being an anime fan, i love watching it, singing my favourites series songs, having animewallpapers on my screen and specially i love being a member of my otaku, because i get to know people like all of you guys who are just great friends and who actually understand this side of me.
I love anime and i don't care what people think or say. If i want to cry every time Kagome gets her heart broken i will, if i want to laugh every time Mugen and Jin start fighting out of no where I will, and if want to sing very loud at every opening and ending, I WILL AND I'LL ENJOY DOING IT! I know all of you undertand me because you probably feel the same way so... i want to ask you now:
Don't you just hate it when people treats you like a weirdo just because you like anime?


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Thursday, November 2, 2006

I Like Halloween

Hello everybody, i know i haven't been around in a while but i'm back and i plan to stay!
I missed you all guys soo much but i've just been so busy...
Well, for those who are interested i've been doing very good at college, i've goy high grades in my exams so far so i'm happy about that!
I turned 21 in September... that means i'm a responsable adult now...
dark side: HAHAHAHAHA!!!
me: what are you laughing at?
dark side: yeah, adult... HAHAHAHA!
me: well... let's say 'I should be a responsable adult'...
dark side: that's better!
It's spring here, and it's starting to be very hot and wet... but there's flowers everywhere and the days are longer. I love spring it's just the best season, i mean is warm, but not hot, and it's cool but not cold... and days are just nice!
Spring is my favourite season, which is yours?
I spent a nice Halloween, my friends, my sister, my sisters friends and I gathered to watch horror movies. We watched The Ring (1 snd 2) again, we all just love it. And I watched cool movies (in the TV) the whole weekend: first Jack's nightmare before christmas, then Scream (1 and 2), then Harry Potter (1, 2, 3 and 4) and a lot more that i don't know it English name (sorry).
Today was like the best day ever!
The weather was awesome, i spent a great time with my friends and, as it happens every thursday, i had my favourite class which is Greek and Roman History and today's class was just amazing i enjoyed it SO MUCH! And i even got to talk to my favourite professor, he is so intelligent, i admire heim so much... he is a Doctor and is like a rol model to me... and he's classes are just GREAT!
Ok guys, i'll try to catch on as many of you as i can... sorry if i can't get to any of you.
KISSES! and HUGHS! to all of you


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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

   I Like Pumpkins!


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Friday, September 15, 2006

   I like peaches

I've been gone for a long time now so i have a lot to talk about ^_^
I had to do a really important paper for college so last week i was crazy trying to get it done as good as possible, that's why i hadn't been around. It took me a lot of time and hard work so i really hope i get a really high grade^^

I got free tickets to the cinema and i went to see 'Lady in the Water' i really liked it, it was awesome! Have you seen it?

Also, my pretty doggy is sick so i've been taking her to the vet all week, yesterday she got surgery, she is very thin and weak, but the vet says that she is doing great and will get well in a few days, i hope she does, because i really love her...
Here's a pic of her, isn't she lovely:


Fairwell everybody, i hope you all have an amazing weekend^^
Take care!

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