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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Hi!!! How’s everyone? Wow I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to get on…bummer. How was everyone’s fourth of July. Mine was okay. I went to this festival thing all day and then went and saw fireworks at night on a golf course. Fun stuff!!

I also helped out at this huge garage sale for our church, so I got first dibs on some kewl stuff…^_^

Yesterday I went to a waterfall-swimming hole, which was a lot of fun!! I went with some of my friends and family. We hung there all day and unfortunately it was really crowed…lol There’s this huge rock that you jump off and that’s loads of fun!

Hhhmm other than that I’ve been working a lot or sleeping…lol Summer sure feels like it’s been going by way to fast.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   Hiya peeps i'm back

Hi all!! What’s up? Yay I finally got out of school last week! It feels like it’s a weekend every day now. I’m so bored that I don’t know what to do with myself…lol Anywho, my grad went ok. The speakers were broken or something cause no one could understand anything anyone was saying. There were, of course, the boring speeches, and on top of that you couldn’t understand them..^.^ The nice thing was that I received two of the scholarships, I applied for, so that’ll help out big time for the next semester. Other than that the weather was beautiful, so it all worked out fine!

The Oregon trip was fun! The first play we saw, Love’s Labor Lost, was long and boring. So I didn’t really enjoy that too much. Then the next day we went shopping through the town, which was fun. We had a group of seven loud teenagers, so it was interesting but fun. Everything was so expensive though!! Out of everything, buying food was the most draining on my money…lol That night we went to see Twelfth Night, which out of both plays was by far way better.

Then we went to my grad party to see Maroon 5. OMG they were awesome!! We, unfortunately got bleacher seats so we couldn’t stand close by the stage, but it was still kewl. The main singer definitely doesn’t edit his voice on the cd’s like some singers do…lol The next morning my friends and I decided to go hang out at a water park, which was alright. Towards the end of the day these two little kids like in seventh grade or something hit on my friend and I…heheh it was kind of funny cause they were trying to act so kewl, but they weren’t..lol

Hhmm other than that I’ve just been trying to decide what I should do with myself. My friend and I have almost defeated the first Xenosaga. We’re at the last boss, but can’t get passed that for some reason. She bought the second one, so we’re dieing to start playing that one. The graphics look really awesome. Well I think I’ll try to get to some sites now since I haven’t really been on Otaku that much…lol sorry. TTYL

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Monday, May 30, 2005


Hey Everbody! Wha’sup? Anywho, I sort of getting into the finals next week for school, I have two more tests and then I take some finals…Yay! Wow I can’t believe I’m almost done. I’m very very happy!

Well this weekend was a blast! I went to my youth groups yearly all nighter party. We had tons of boxes of pizza, and soda to help stay awake. Heheh we played trash can with almost twenty-five or more kids, but the room was kind of small so that was hard to move around...lol Then after that we set up DDR, which was a huge hit! Most of the kids there had never played, so it made feel good. Anywho we had the play station 2 on a table with two mats on each side set up to this huge movie theater screen. We played that till like 2 in the morning, and we got a little DDR cult going. It was so great! There would be two people playing on the mats and then like twenty people on each side doing the steps. They were all so focused and moving together, so it looked like they were possed. One of my friends was taking pictures, and they all came out with red eyes, so it was even creepier. LOL I should have taped it…bummer. Then we watched one of my favorite movies Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail…haha I luv that movie.

So then after that the next morning around 8ish, my teacher gives Cheza and I a call and asks us to come out to the school to help set up for graduation because no one else showed up except one of the teachers. Our school is thirty to forty minutes away from town, so exhausted we drive out there to help. We get all these kewl banners and rappers set up when the teacher tells us by the way the Senior Reception has been moved outside and the eighth graders are going to be inside. Well I almost blew up in her face. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t tell us that we moved outside. Heheh we wasted two hours of sleep to go out there and decorate for the eight graders! I’m still very pissed. It’s been really rainy and windy here, so I’m hoping it’s not going to be like that on Friday. High School Graduation is way more important than eighth grade graduation. I can’t believe those teachers. Thank God I’m going to be getting out of that school!!! I hate it there….lol

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