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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tomorrow, on the 25th, I shall be turning 21-years-old, and according to one of my little cousins, that means I'm officially "old".

As she said on my 19th birthday:
"How old are you today?"
"Whoa. 19? And then you'll be 20, and then you'll be old."

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Monday, November 3, 2008

So, Halloween. Was pretty boring at first. I slept half the damn day. The night before, Twig and I fell asleep watching "My Immortal" on YouTube, the video adaptation of the world's WORST (read: the BEST) fanfiction EVER.

Later on during the day, I made a sudden, bad decision. I was fed up with my hair, and though I didn't grab the scissors myself, I did trust Twiggy with the scissors.

I gave him a recent pic of YamaPi from NewS. YamaPi has short hair, now. It's cute, it's shaggy.
Twiggy gave me a 'do that was two steps away from a fucking bowl cut.

I'm afraid to dye my hair black in fear I'll look like Rock Lee.

Afterwords we went to Smish's place. He was bored, just sitting at home in his Renissance vampire costume handing out candy to kids, lol. We ate our midly cold dinner mom left us on the way.

We watched "Big Trouble in Little China" this HORRIBLE yet HILARIOUS, cheesy action movie from 1986. It's godfuckingawful, but so unintentionally funny that we were in tears.

After that, we decided to get something to eat/drive around.

We were trying to get to a gas station and Twig went through the McDonald's parking lot, but there was no way across, so he drove the WRONG DIRECTION through the the drive-thru!

The second best part of the night was as we were driving back home, there was a guy in a Michael Myers mask, riding very slowly on a bike, staring at our van.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

At 12: 10 AM, Monday, October 27, 2008, I witnessed a most terrifying, ghastly sight...
The Twilight movie trailer.

It burrrrrns!
No. Wait.

Bah. Stupid teacher made me leave classes today, because I nodded off for 5 fucking seconds. She keeps saying I never use to do this.

Played lots of Wii games with Twiggy in his room. I was very badass.

Tuesday, my Gryffindor crimson-and-gold stripped tie came in the mail. Twiggy got many laughs at watching me attempt to open the FedEx box (which included using my teeth, a sword, a knife... and oh, yeah, my hands and nails).

The next day my Gryffindor robe with crimson lining and crimson-and-gold Gryffindor scarf came in, too.

Oh, what a fucking blast last night was! :D

So, last night, at some time around 7, there was a knock at my door. I open it to Smish... dressed as a Renissance vampire.

He asks, "You ready to go?"

Go WHERE!? And I was still in my pajamas! He said, "Tonight's Annie's party, aren't you ready?"

ASDFGHJKL!!!11! NO! You need to remind me of events more than ONCE! I have the world's worst memory! I let him in and told him to wait in my room as I grabbed my Harry Potter costume (and pink wand, lol), and got ready, and told him to IM Twiggy (who was at his dad's) to come home and get ready as Smish tried to put on his boot covers.

I was ready, but still fussing with my tie as we were STILL waiting for Twig to show up. Finally, he did, and I threw him my authentic, Yankee Japanese school girl uniform to wear, since he has no costumes. He agreed to it with no protest.

We then drove to the other side of town to pick up Smish's girlfriend, Corie. Corie was dressed up as the most amazing witch ever, complete with an awesome hat she made. We got to meet her mom, who was cool... like an older version of Corie, great sense of humor, and knows well about the fandom world.

Then, we went to Corie's tailer, which is a few steps away. She had this GIANT drawing of Vin Diesel (sp?) making out with another male actor (I think from Fast/Furious, idk). She's got major skills.

Drove all the way back across town, arrived at Annie's, her dad outside walking their chow-mixed dog with a fake parrot on his shoulder. Annie's dad is awesome.

I joked later, as we drove Corie home, that he looks and sounds like George Carlin... They all agreed.

Kyle was there, still in his Dr. Frank N. Furter costume.

My Meev was there! :D Like an emo catgirl. I instantly glomped her. Some guy with a blue mohawk dressed like a elegant vampire, some random dude that looked like Pedro (but not in costume), and later Alexis, dressed as a sexy Red Riding Hood, in a long, crushed-velvet, red cape, arrived... There was a lot more people than last year, which was just Annie, Smish, Kyle, Mie the Chinese exchange student Annie's family was hosting and myself.

The decorations were awesome. Hot pink, curling lights around the table counter of Halloween-themed food, draped over the TV and glass door, sheer black fabric with silver spider webs over the lamps.

After talking, playing around and eating some, Corie and Annie's dad gathered props for the Rocky Horror movie (Corie officially won my heart there. I've always wanted to watch that movie with props).

We'd chosen characters. Kyle was, of course, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Corie was Magenta, when Annie's mom asked who was Columbia, I raised my hand immediately.
She cracked up and cheered, "Alright!"
Turns out, she's a big Columbia fan, too. ;D

Corie made Alexis Janet, which was SO perfect, because not only did she have almost the exact same blonde curls, but she'd never seen the movie before (le gasp!), and was so innocent and naive to what was going on.

The props were so much fun, even if we were missing a lot of them, lol. We had mini water guns for the rain scene, pop corn for the wedding scene instead of rice, newspapers also for the rain scene, noise makers, and we had rubber gloves, but we whinned that they didn't snap. Annie's dad was like, "Sorry! It doesn't specify on the box that they snap!"

We even did the Time Warp. We tried sitting, but that doesn't work to well, so Corie and I forced everyone to stand and we did a very fail version of the Time Warp.

When the movie was over, we played around in The Johnny Depp House of Worship, aka, Annie's room.

She had Johnny Depp EVERYFUCKINGWHERE. Three Sweeny Todd movie posters framed on the wall, a Jack Sparrow cardboard cut-out in the corner, Jack Sparrow closet door knobs and action figures, and even a light switch in which the switch is in a very amusing place...

Her room's pretty sweet. I had to hold back Corie, because once she saw all the Depp, she tried to attack Annie.

It was getting late and Corie needed to get home, because her mom was already getting upset, but Annie's dad was like, "One more short story!" (he loves to tell crazy, but LONG stories).
Annie and her mom laughed.
"It WON'T be short!"
"And it WON'T be just ONE story!"
Indeed, it was neither and we ended up leaving around 2 in the morning.

We dropped Corie off and decided to find some real food, because while Annie's mom's chocolate and orange jell-o cake was yum, it wasn't solid food. Smish and I thought it'd be fun to still have some kicks with our costumes and go into a fast food joint still dressed up. The only place open at that hour was Waffle House.

Twig claimed to be tired and not hungry, and just wanted to nap in the car, and though it didn't feel right to leave a guy in a skirt, in a cold car, in Alabama, we did.

It was a good thing, too.

The SECOND we walked into the joint, a bunch of frat boy rednecks taking up all the counter seats started hollering, "Harry Potter!" "Hey, Harry Potter!" "Harry!" and one in a BAD British accent, "Hey, it's 'Arry Pottah!"
I wanted to make a joking comment, but could only bite back laughter.

When we sat down at a booth, one of the girls working there, in a thick, country accent asked, "Y'all jus' come back from a costume party?"
We just nodded, but when she walked away, I looked at Smish and said, "No. I'm really Harry fuking Potter and I just came back from Hogwarts. I'm taking a break from kicking Voldemort's arse and want some pancakes."

Everyone knew who I was, but no one knew who Smish was, so, many people would come up to us and ask, "Okay, I know you're Harry Potter, but... what are YOU? Do you have anything to do with Harry Potter?"

My favorite, though, was a rich soccerball mom type with overly bleached hair and orange-tanned skin who came up to us, "My daughter is a BIG fan of MARY Potter. And I know you're MARY Potter, but... who are you? Do you have anything to do with MARY Potter?" ROTFLMFAO.

Who the fuck is MARY POTTER!?

As the frat boys left, they all shouted out to me, again, "Bye, Harry Potter!"

We saved bits of our meal for Twig, who was still awake.

We didn't get to my house until about 4-something in the morning, to which the 3 of us played Wii games with Harry Potter characters until 6 in the morning, then Smish left. Twiggy and I collapsed on his bed, too tired to even get out of costumes, so, we fell asleep as a school girl and Harry Potter, on his bed... I was too tired to even acknowledge how cold I was. I just used my cape as a blanket.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So, yeah, it's Monday, Oct. 20th, and last night Twiggy finally arrived with his mother and two brothers and they unloaded his stuff into his room, they went out to eat (since mom and I did earlier), dropped him off and he and I sat on my bed and watched Ronin Warriors (he's never seen it) on my laptop (no idea where my DVD player is) until 3 in the morning.

Smish and Corie dropped by this afternoon. We grabbed a bunch of my CDs, since Corie hated everything that was on the radio, chose a Dir en grey CD, and we headed to Taco Hell. Along the way, Smish went FLYING over a bump, the bottom of the car scraped the ground, and Corie and I were jolted so hard we were in pain. My fucking head hit the top of the car! We both punched Smish as he pulled over to restart the car, lol.

Called Kyle to come over while we were eating inside. We decided we'd drive back to my house, leave Smish's car there and we'd all ride around in Kyle's car. We told Kyle to follow us, but the idiot drove off before us and we had to call him and stop him from driving to my old house.

He drove behind us the rest of the way, at one point, at a redlight, he was flipping us off, so I said, "On the count of three, everyone flip Kyle off!" and we did... and an old lady in the car beside us was starring at us, LOL. I was already cracking up, but I couldn't even breathe when Corie just looked at her with a sweet smile and waved, "Hi~!" She sounded so convincingly innocent!

Several more boxes of dad's stuff were sent today... Because that's exactly what we need in this house: MORE BOXES! :D

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tuesday morning we all got a rather amusing surprise in GED class. One of our classmates was on the front page for attacking a pizza man with a brick, and is currently in the hospital after the delivery guy shot him in the leg.

The delivery guy was one of those exceptionally forgiving type. He said he actually felt sorry for the kid, but it was him or the other guy, and the kid had to learn he couldn't get away with hurting people.

Finally finished "Rumble Fish". I love books, but damn does it take me forever just to read a short novel.

Speaking of! When Smish, Corie and I were at the bookstore, we were trying to find S.E. Hinton. Corie forgot the name and said, "I found her! ...Ernest is a weird name for a woman."
I about died, so did Smish.
She found Ernest Hemingway.
I was almost in tears, "HINTON, not HEMINGWAY!"
I don't know why, but it was just hilarious.

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