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Hi! Nice to meet you all, I'm Alison. I love anime and i hope to meet alot of ppl just like me :) okies enough about me... hope u enjoy my site tho it is still under construction :D

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

damm i wanna change my theme again!!! i wanna change it to rozen maiden its an anime that i just finished watch or at least the 1st and 2nd series... right now onli 2 ep for 3rd series but the anime is really cool

im bored as usual and i think im being too lazy XD man school is so funy cuz i hav this classmate and shes really short XD plus she has this SUPER long hair that i cant resist to pull ^-^ its like always up in a pony tail so it looks kinda like a thick black rope

"u noe hair is ment for pulling" haha thats wat i said to her and she tried pulling my hair but its short and so is she XD well anyway school hasnt been such a bummer tho i really cant stand spanish class i really suck at it >.> anyway not much else to say except i think im kinda getting fat >.> yah well w/e i dont get fat easily so XD ttyl!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

guess wat... I CUT MY HAIR haha wasnt really amazing but it took an hr >.> i was so tired haha now its short i cant tie it that well anymore well w/e i think ill try posting frequently again^-^ o yeah i dont think i told u guys but imma try scanning som of my pics onto the comp soon but not really sure wen cuz my dad is always so busy... o so he says he is well ttyl
-ali ^-^

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