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HI!!! My name is N.O.A.F, and welcome to my site. Please, sign my guest book and if you could make me a freind. P-L-E-A-S-E? if you don't i'll just give ya the finger. if that doesn't faze ya look around enjoy yaselfs, and if i hear any complaning i might visit you in a bad dream. HOW? you may aks. well because i'm freinds with DEATH'S daughter actualy i AM DEATH's DAUGHTER! thats right you better be scared!!! and i am not kidding! *note serious face*

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quotes and sayings
quotes and sayings

Friday, December 28, 2007

hi! ^^

mood: happy
listing to: Apologize (doesn't know how to spell)
quote: "the past may hurt, but its in the past. you can't change what happened. you just gotta keep moving forward." ~me~

so...whats up everyone?! ^^ i am now 14 years old! WOOTZ!! *dances*
how was your Christmas? mine was awsome, got to go see I Am Legend and stuff. and i got so much shit its not funny XD
yeah..hm....>> *watches this 2 year old run around in her house and sighs* i'm gonna kill this kid..-_-;
so...thats all i have for now (yup my posts just keep getting shorter and shorter)
see you guys soon...oh...and i hope you like my new theme...cuz i do ^^


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