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"Adam, at the rate you make mistakes, you should really learn to use a pencil."
-my old EET college T.A.

"Sometimes I really wish hitting someone with a chair was considered the high road."
-my inspiration to become a writer.

"My muse is a drunken faerie who babbles in a British accent and sometimes yells out BALDERDASH before throwing a bottle at my head."
-the essence of my creative soul. And why I'm bad at proofreading.

Put that together and, I guess, you get me.

PM me to join, if you have enough Osaka in ya.

The end of Rozen Maiden: Owned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mmm, thunderstorm
Although I sit here in the dark, listening to Illinois (the album) while working on my ungodly large final projects, I feel somewhat at peace knowing that chaotic forces are presently clashing in the atmosphere above.



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Friday, April 13, 2007

Yeah, I still fanart. You know, and then I put it on the otaku.

Naruto Dating Game 3

Shikamaru and the sand siblings discuss incest. Or something like that. Enjoy! XD


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ah Naruto, it's nice you're being funny again.
It has been awhile, otaku, but my new picture is up!

Naruto 347 was just too good to pass up. Oh, Sakura, you dirty girl.

A brilliant move on Kishimoto's part, really. Who does everyone hate the most? Sakura. (Not so much post-timeskip, mind you, and some of us have loved her from the beginning, XD ) But regardless, Sakura is oft hated, so what does Kishimoto do? Makes her a yaoi fangirl. Now every girl who hated Sakura will love her for being a yaoi fangirl.

This is the truth.

Cuz girls love yaoi. And Sakura will share the smut. XD Mua hahahaha.


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