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"well ya know thats life and love and happiness. we all have to deal. some in ways that we dont agree with but you dont have to lay in other peoples beds."

"to life theres only 1 person you have to say sorry to. thats yourself."

"dont have regret because you cant go back and change life or the decisions that you make. you deal with what you have and what youve done."

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   ok im back into
im back into town for a couple of weeks finally ya know but thats how it goes ya know since i havent been updateing everyday people have stoped comeing bye its sad in a way. im a happy man it was 5 months before this weekend i didnt get any "loveing then sat. night i let lose and got me some from about 12 till 3 im happy. then we both went to sleep about 2 hours latar my lil cuz wakes up like im cold well its 5 in the morning i almost killed him but i didnt i said 2 things, " why in all hells are you up at at 5 oclock and if your cold go back to bed' well then thier were all the ducks around. and 2 of them started fighting so its dark im half clothedchaseing this 2 ducks around with a stick.

well im sick im mean sick can hardly talk. but it was all worth it in my mind.

feinds already wants me to do shit with them next weekend but i dunno ill have to see when i get there so ya know.

well ill be back lata.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

   hello lalala
hey wuz goin on. nm here see im supposed to be off this weekend and all. wasnt going to go. but tuesday night pops wasnt even there and hey is draging me along.im gonna be outta state. which sucks big time. i promise one of this days ill get pictures up of something everytime i get time im not at home.

ive been doing ok. im gonna be on the road 3 weeks in a row so if im not around ill be ok. life has gotten just more complcated******* but ill make it oput alive i always have.

and theres just one girl youll goddamn thats all i have to sayill talk about her lata.

lata spanky
ps im hungry fridge here i come,lolololololol

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Monday, April 25, 2005

im alive from last weekend sleepy and tired as hell ill come back lata to up more so.

lata spanky

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   today is a.......
today has been a bitch for a day let me just tell u. well realy the last 2 days has been.

last night one of my brothers( well hes not realy my bro but he might as well be ya know) mama dies so i have to go to a to a fineral tomorrow night. its realy sad because tuesday night he started crying. now when you see a 350 pd man break down and start crying at the drum its realy bad ya know. the one of my friends is in the er thingy for an operation and i was gonna go see her today but she wasnt doing good she was realy sick so. she said that she wasnt feeling up to it.

im not gonna be around this weekend im outta town once again, yayayayayaya, sry about that.

im supposed to be paid today, supposed to be is the key words here im getting tired of all the shit,lil kids, and dumbfucks so i duno what im gona do. im horny then hell sry.

lata spanky

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Monday, April 18, 2005

   hello lalala
aight im back for a lil while . sry ive been gone and all but somethings cant be helped ya know. well i broke up with my girl if youll didnt know. i did this about 3 weeks ago and after i done this like girls come outta the wood work so i dunno. i wont this one though god damn that all i have to say. i got a job and quit it all in a month's time.. ive decided to go to college on which alot of people are realy happy about.ive started drumming for the native americans which is realy cool some of youll need to come out one day when we are haveing an event near your place of homes.

lata ill have pictures sometime,

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