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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

   Oh my...
Where have all my Otaku friends gone?! If I wasn't so shy I'd search for more >////////<
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

   So...it's been awhile
Most of the friends on The Otaku probably won't even care that I've updated -______-;
It's been so long. Ugh.
So I ended up having to take summer school which is so unlike me. But I figure I might as well make the best of it. No use in letting it ruin my whole summer. That'd be ridiculous.
I've currently gotten hooked on a new Manga. Chrono Crusade. I've only read volumes 1 and 2 but I wanna go to the store and see if they have the rest. I borrowed it from a friend and she decided she wanted Godchild instead of more Chrono Crusade -_______- lol.
So many things have happened this year.
I had someone who I thought I knew lie straight to my face and do some horrible things behind his girlfriend's back. He told me he had stopped but I guess things started right back up again. I've had my heart ripped out and stepped on by the same guy who always does this, and he also lied to me. Well, he withheld truth actually..but...he just...totally messed me up for awhile. I had to say goodbye to a friend of mine who graduated he was so cool and he gave me awesome hugs. He was like my big brother -^^-
I had to worry about 2 of my friends doing drugs and one of the two drinking.
But there were some good times too.
All the hugs I got. And seeing how happy people were when I gave them cupcakes for their birthday...
So..this year wasn't a total waste.
Next year will be great though. yes.
I hope everyone has an AWESOME summer!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   I miss her....
So, my friend SHii-kun got sent to the hospital again. SHe wrote me a note and I was reading it in anime club, and I didn't get to say goodbye to her or anything, cause the next day, she was gone. And I miss her so much. I keep getting nightmares about her dying and then I wake up crying. It's awful. I wish she would've told me she was leaving sooner. I would've been better prepared and it wouldn't be so hard right now. And her boyfriend Josh isn't doing to well either. He misses her so much. I'm trying to make him feel better. Partly as my duty as a friend, but partly cause I feel like it;'s what Ashley would want me to do. I hate seeing him so torn up TT-TT I hope she's back tomorrow. That'll be good for all of us.
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