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Just copy the code you see (at the bottom of profile) to add it to your site but then tell me so I know that you are joining my club! Yes, my club is called MyOwnAnime@Otaku. I have a few contests but not many. You have to message me and tell me your name so I can add you to my list of people in my club. The list will be at the end of each post so if I forgot to add you please tell me so I can add you. You can use your real name, a real name, or a name you made up. But you can’t use a name on an anime or like if I already have a Kayla you can’t say you want to be Kayla. Well, please enjoy my site and I will hope to see you all want to join my club! Bye-bye everyone!
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Monday, November 12, 2007

~Hey everyone! Someone PMed me and asked me “what is this club for?” so I figured maybe if not all of you know I should just post it up for everyone to see so they know. I'm having the club because I'm gonna be a bit mean and when I have contests only people in my club can do the contests. So how is everyone today?? ~

Lil Devil4life~Hidochi
Narutos Demon001~Lizzy
Lady Isabelle~Racoon

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

   blah, blah, blah
~It's boring for me. No one has joined my club but only cuz I just made this name I guess. I've visited ppl's site though so hopefully I'll get some replys soon. Once I get about 4 people I'll make my first contest. Even thought I'm new here I love the Otaku! It's so much fun!! I especially love my name at the end with @Otaku. Well, I'm really bored and gonna go so bye.


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