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damn this game makes me want to cry most of the time.

T.T this one made me want to cry. -.- it's soo sad. XDD

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Monday, April 14, 2008


yo little ppls. waz up?
well h0mez howz everything been so far. sorry i havent been commenting lately i get so tired of the computer my eyes hurt when i look at it and i've also been a bit lazy.

i hope i wont need glasses in the future. (but strangely i do.;]]i think they're sexylicious. XD)

grr. i'm so tired right now and its only 11:41 i want to go to sleeep! but i'll finish this post first.

so. ok . on with my life so far. um kay. well everythings been ok cept for that one chick i mightve told you guys about. bianca -.-! bitch!
i dun like her. shes sooo bossy and snooty. XD makes me laugh sometimes at her unfathomable annoyingness. ;]]

ok so. i tried to go to the museum, sunday.
bleh. they wouldn't let us in cause we needed an "adult" grr. jerks. so we just ended up going to barnes and nobles.

ok reply to madfinn99's comment:

Yess i do love yaoi! alllllll types. cept the too girly boys looking type. too weird for meh. or too manly. :] i like my men juuust right. XD

kay so i started reading my first straight manga in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong! time.
it is soooo cute. i want you guys to take a look at it if you ever get the chance. i read it at mangavolume.com its called penguing brothers or just go to http://www.onemanga.com/Penguin_Brothers/ to quickly download the scantalations. but its not that whole thing where you have to open file save. i hate that. its just press and read. :3

aww. the story is soo umm riviting can i say is the word.

here's a synopsis and a pic if your interested.

Penguin Brothers is a manga series by mangaka Ayumi Shiina. The story follows tomboy Hina's mission to liberate her high school from its two dictators. These two leaders have split the student population in two opposing groups: Isshiki's followers wear a white uniform, Nishizaki's wear a black uniform. With the help of non-uniform wearer (a.k.a. Grey) Koshiba she sets out to overturn the whole school.

penguin brothers

so that's all i hope you guys like this post.
thanks for reading.

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