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hello, becca left herself logged on in my house so i thought i'd have some fun. don't worry, i saved whatever she wrote. (gosh i'm not that mean) well, you don't know me, so i'll write something about becca. SHE IS THE MOST ADD, AMAZING, SWEET, AND CRAZY GIRL I KNOW! she's like my sister but i'm allowed to kill her. i won't though cuz she's got mad skillz yo. don't mess with her or i'll kill you. and if you could, please inform becca that i just took over. lol. yeah, she's gunna kill me. but w/e she doesn't know who's typing this....oh crap...yes she does.
well, just remember i'll bite you if you mess with her and that's only if she doesn't kill you first.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

i'm moving soon to a different house with a pool!:D so if i'm not on for a long time that's why!^^


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just a LITTLE insane ch.1

ch.1 out of the nasty place

"oh my gosh! tree!" sorivile was having the time of his life, he gasped. "ANOTHER PERSON! HI PERSON!" he waved wildly, the man, freaked out, walked away ignoring him.

"sorivile it's not polite to scream in public." sarah said holding a suitcase of his cloths, and a little cage with a hampster, sirt, in it. she was always perplexed about his poofy pants red outfit had blue swirls always changing, like a lava lamp.

"ok sarah....." he perked up even more, making him look even taller. "where do you live?!" he was smiling wildly....kinda creepy to sarah.

"i stay in a big house, with a big backyard and front yard, lot of room for you to play and have fun with sirt." sorivile squealed with glee and eagerly took out sirt from his cage.

"you hear that sirt?!" he smiled. " lots of room to play!" the hampster squeaked and was set down o sorivile's shoulder, it stayed there and fell asleep.

"ok sorivile, rules while outside." the bus was pulling up to the stop they were standing at. "1, no killing."

"not even one?"


"aaaaaaaaw! no fun!"

"2. unless we're at my house, you must stay in my sight. at my houe you must stay on property."


"3. absolutly no torturing, pain inflicting, or going insane, or forgetting to take your meds."

"you make this no fun sarah." he frowned slumping.

"just get in the bus."

"yay! out of the nasty place!" he jumped on

"never sad for a moment are you?"

"nope!ooooooooh! bars!" he jumped up and hung from the bars on the bus's celing as it drove down the street.

"hard to see you insane....maybe cute and inncent, but not insane."

"i find that offensive!" sorivile said, sarah laughed.


"wow! you have a big room!"

"there's a lot of rooms, it's not like the asylum."

"more then one room?! you have it all sarah!" sorivile ran up to the door, for some reason it was unlocked because he just opened it and went in. sarah's eyes went wide hoping sorivile picked the lock in a split second.

"sorivile get back here!" she screamed, he immediatly came back and hid behind her, it was akward because he was two feet taller then her.

"there's a man in there! he's got a gun!" he was shaking.

[I]oh shittake mushrooms! why did it have to be the month the insane boy lives here?![/I]

"ok listen sorivile, rule number one right?"

"i don't see where you're going...."

"i guess, you may break it this one time, but don't if you can help it!" sorivile's eyes dilated, a wide grin came up on his face.

"you have kitchen knives?"

"ya....HEY!" sorivile had already ran into the house, a moment of silence, then a yell. she went as pale as a sheet. srivile poked his head out the window, face back to his normal cuteness instead of wild insanity.

"bad man ran off as soon i got him in the leg. he was no fun." a little splatter of blood on his cheek.

"i-it's ok, just, just clean up the blood, i'll put your stuff away...."

"ok sarah!" he smiled and pulled his head back in, he opened the door for sarah then went to cleaning the mess, sarah went sraight to the spare room and started unpacking sorivile's clothes into a dresser.

"what have i gotten myself into?" she muttered.

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