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Monday, January 8, 2007

   Zomg, School.

Hello everyone! The new quarter of my college life has yet started again, well more so last week...Lols. I am taking four morning classes and one online class.

This is my schedule

11:00 am: Help Desk Support
12:00 pm: OS Troubleshooting
1:00 pm: Discrete Math
2:00 pm: Principle of System Design

Online: Advanced English

Wooh, I like my Discrete Math class and Priciple of System Design class, they're sooooo coooool! The first two are so-so, but they're just regular sit in front of a computer and watch slides as the professor lectures on about the topic. My online class, I am kinda nervous about, so I've been trying to take all my free time to that, but still leaving some free to myself.

Other than that, my life hasn't been to bad I guess. Been feeling a little left out with my friends, but then I still hang around them a lot considering that we live together. Well, I gotta go class is starting here soon, don't want to get into trouble, lols. Byes!

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