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Saturday, September 9, 2006

   OMG!!! I'm back!!!
Wow, when was te last time I was here?! Okay, I'll just list some things that have happened:
-My Six Flags job sucks. (I take so much crap from the geusts.)
-My cool ass supervisor left us. (She's going to college.)
-I finally have money. (My job sucks.)
-School started Aug. 22. (I'm a freakin' senior now!!)
-Tennis is awesome. (Even though I'm on JV.)
-My Xbox rules my life. (Yes, it does.)
-X-Men is flippin' sweet. (Phoenix Force!!)
-Y: The Last Man is flippin' sweet. (Lebians!!)
-I started writing my comic book!! (Aliens!!)
-This creepy guy won't leave me alone. (He's got pediphile-Tom-Hanks-Da-Vinci-Code hair.)
-MySpace rules my life. (But not as much as my Xbox.)
-AIM ---> Lucy McEvil 17 (I have no buddies.)
Well, that's about it. I'm so busy now, you know?? I have school starting at 7am and I have tennis until 5:30pm. I also have work on the weekends. I hope you all weren't worried about me!! I'm not dead.
Mui K ♥ you!!

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