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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Natural Selection: the Sols
yes it's that time again, with longer classes to take pointless exams to determine our future *sigh*

iggy's calender of events

wedesday: school, math Sol
thursday: school, civics Sol
Friday: school, all classes
saturday: GAMESDAY!!! WOoT!!

note- so every one knows, halo2 is NOT out, the clan is organizing so when it does come out (november 9th 2004) they will be ready for practice sessions etc etc, i repeat halo2 is NOT out

ok on with other news

Nadesico the movie- this movie was... well ... it just plain sucked, it trashed the original story line and made it feel like some trashy mecha, the plot didn't make any sense, and it was too short, it seemed almost pointless... i'm going too try to forget this movie even exsited...

hmmm... not much else (kinda harsh on the review though) o well


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