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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pictures? Yes i have them.
I feel like posting stuff so heres pictures of whatevers in my photobucket.

my 2k4 alias intimidator, my all around favorite paintball gun. I wouldn't trade anything for this, i love it. Mostly because of the work i had to do to get this, i paid for it and i worked hard for it. It was $1700 in total.

Dye ultralite barrel, with 14" blue tip. I had contract killer grips but i don't like grips so i don't have any, just some stickers.

yeah I love that gun. HK is Hostile Kids btw, and pbfashion is HK's gear website. So if you need some badass head bands check it out, www. pbfashion.com

heres a photoshop i did a LONG time ago

I still like it though.

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