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Saturday, May 8, 2004

   a hell of'a way to die
today moldy came over, we played halo for... oh 5 hours straight. We atempted to beat "The Truth and Reconciliation" of legendary... but sadly we were massacured by the evil Gold commander elites in the gavational bay...

*screen gets all blury*... there we were, things were quite enough, cortana calimed that there were no covenant defences... one marine enquired if anyone was home... then all hell broke lose... two doors flickered and two elites bearing plasma swords began their onsaught aganist our weak squad of 7 (incudeing moldy & i) They ran around with glee cutting deep into the marines, a chorus of sreams of fallen comrades echoed through-out the ship, blood of our allies misted in the air, hordes grunts & jackals poured into the bay, screaming and shouting praises to their "gods." the marines were no match for the mass of enemys, they were cut down in the title wave of plasma, burning and boiling their skin, even the fear-less sgt. Johnson was ruthlessly elimanted by the sinical Golden commanders. Moldy and I did our best, we brought down as many as we could, courpes of grunts & jackals choked the hallways, their brethern knee deep in their blood. We climbed to the top of the wraith tank, pertched atop we fired until weapons over-heated or ran out of ammo. We waded through the mass of enemys, but it was to much. Moldy soon ran out of ammo and was dragged down by the masses of grunts pulling and gutting his dead lifless body. I tried to help but before i could the Gold Commander Jumped, flying through the air... he raised his plasma sword... I fired what was left of my ammo until i heard the deadly echo of "CLICK CLICK" with nothing left but an empty MA5B and a dead plasma rifle i though myself at the elite, but before i could act he followed through and sliced into my body... i layed their... until i choked on the blood of my fallen comrades *screen returns to normal*
and thats basicly what happend!

ok ok so i might have dramatised it ... a bit

in total we tried that fire-fight over 10 times with no sigh of ever winning, but however we did beat the 4 & 5 missons on legendary! WoOt (i've already beaten' the 1 & 2 on legendary!)

in other news: i have ALOT of homework so i really woun't have time today or tommorrow to visit sites! I'm Really sry!

catch ya all later!

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