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Saturday, May 1, 2004

so how did i get the nose bleeds?
hmm so a bunch-o-stuff is happenin'. First off i'm oing over to moldy's house fr his birthday, so why don't you stop by his site and wish him a happy birthday!

oh yea heres a conversation between me & my sis! sis: maybe we should get one of those "how to draw manga" books. iggy: oh! you mean those books with the anime high school girls in really really short skrits! i'm in! sis: (laughing) iggy: whats so funny you trying to figure-out why i've had soo many nose bleeds recently!? Sis: (laughing insantly)

-what a weird convo. and that wasn't the reason for the nose bleeds!

oh and this happened yesterday: so i was walking down the first period standing at the door, my english teacher is alwayz late! and my friend walked up, and she randomly hit me on the head!!!! and declared it made her feel good. you-know i'm all for feeling good but did she HAVE to hit me!? and it didn't stop there she later started punching me! FOR NO REASON, normaly she just pokes me. *sigh* so then it looked like i was getting beatin' up! but i refuse to fight under anysercunstaces.

oh and some new art on the way!

i also ordered another anime CD ^____^

cya all around!

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