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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

   finished Nadesico!
wow what a great series... now i must buy the moive, a bunch of model kits, and the DC game... ok not that much! (note to self: why does this happen every time i watch mecha!)

hmmm now i'm thinking... now what? err... this is another thing that happens after a series, you alwayz want more... *sigh* execpt 0080 that was a great gundam series! acually thats one of my all-time favorite anime. Gundam 0080 war in the pocket.

other series i've finished recently: .hack//SIGN

review: .hack//SIGN is a great series however the ending seemed completely rushed, in my opinion the ending made no-sense

other series i've seen recently/started: Azumanga Doiah:

opinion: I abosutely love it! it's sooo cute! it's extremely funny! the dvd's even have information and japanesse slang! what more could you want!?

today/mood: well today was good, but in 7 period the teacher gave us hell, we had a sub. the other day and the class pulled every trick in the book... *sigh* so the teacher came back extremely pissed at everyone... i really didn't need to be lectured at this point and time, i have to start studying for finals and SOLs... omg i really need to start studying!

SOLs: there in a few weeks so i need to start studying or i'm toast, to hell with summer school! i need to pass!

other: hmm kinda long post eh? ...... errr ... at least for me it is...

oh well

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