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Sunday, April 25, 2004

so many things
ok so far today has had some great news, i'll start from the top with

morning: i slept in a little (at least for me) and i rolled out of bed put some shorts on, then started to walk down stairs then i look down and my shorts are on backwords ._.

otaku surfing: i quickly went back to my room and out my shorts on the correct way ^_^ then went down stairs and turned on the super fast computer (WoOt!) then went to 4 sites and here i am

DES: someguy shared with us in his post that DES is still alive! YAY! and unfortunatly she doesn't have the time or even a computer, to come to MyO *sniffe* and WE ARE NOT TO FORGET HER! remmeber that!

Breakfast: well i haven't gotten to that yet! *sigh* but i smell it! ^__^

Gundam Seed: i was disappointed again with gundam seed, it was pretty sorry looking... I mean serously how did that kid know exacly how to pilot a MS? that doesn't make any sense
(i'm refering to him as a kid because he's a rookie pilot)

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