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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

halo & sick kittens
Ah yet another day, recently my friends and I have been holding a lot of lan parties, once or twice a week we all gather around the xbox and play halo, last time my friend and i where playing halo 1 on legendary (omg its so easy) and our plan was to stick plasma grenades to him and then he'd run headlong into the enemy, then i'd pick off whats left. Most of my friends give up playing against me, they just throw their controller down and go play worms. *sigh* quiting gives them no honor. In other news... i have no other news. haha oh well. Our new kittens have a cold, they look miserable >.< coco looks the worst. Hopefully they'll get better soon. Well thats it for now.

woot season three is out! redvsblue rocks!

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