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Monday, July 25, 2005

paintball is my anti-drug
last weekend i got a planet eclise Ego (paintball gun) and on sunday i went to pevs the try it out also my good friend came down from boston, i don't see him very often so it was awesome to play paintball with him again. He had just got a new 05' intimidator, unfortunely it wasn't working so he used my intimidator. As for the ego it's by far the best gun out there in my opinion. It's very light and once you get used to the trigger it rips, it's no gas hog either, i got at least a hopper and 8 or so pods. We played a couple of hyperball games with a few guys and had a blast, my friend jack shot me in the side of the head cuz i wasn't paying attention, my friend from boston (john) got out really early in most of the games. In case we had a good time.

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