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Saturday, May 28, 2005

What a busy week
last weekend/week was very busy. i had a birthday party to go to on friday, saturday was relay for life and sunday was the tournament. Also i had sols the next day. ARgh i'm so glad thats done with. I only have one picture from the tourny i'll post it up later. We placed 7th, it was so freakin' messed up though 3 teams in our bracket (includeing us) had a tie, and the rules state you take the prelims score and add it to the semifinal score and the team with the most advances, in that case we would have moved on to the finals! but instead they made us play frickin' 1vs1s! What the crap! argh anyway we place 7th...

oh yea i managed to see Star wars epi.III on the day it came out Woot. I love star wars, considering star wars was my childhood.

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