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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tournament results
We placed 5th out of 32 teams, we missed the finals by... 4 points! Argh! Thats pretty frustrating, in one of the games we lost we got the pull(by "pulling" the flag off it's stand you receive points) but the refs didn't give the points to us, also i shot one of them out and he kept playing! the ref later saw the hit and took him out, he should have pulled another player for playing on! Other than the frustration of missing the finals we had alot of fun. I'm sorry i only took two pictures, the pictures are of the score board. Our name was tension if you want to see a prelimary score. Which was 501, are semi-final score was 107. In toal we played 9 games. I think we did well over all since we placed 5th in our first tournament together.

(i'll try and post the pics soon)

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