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Sunday, October 10, 2004

consumed by the average
nothing ever happens here

sure something happens everyday, but i'll forget it by tomorrow.

i wish i could come here more often. everyday of school is like dieing slowly for an eternity. When i got my interrum my mom was upset because i have a 'C' in spanish. It seems tring your best doesn't matter anymore, everyone's being pressured to do well it's enough to overwhelm anyone. Schools just a crazy rat race.

yesterday i watched Apocalypse Now. I thought it was a great movie. Although i haven't seen the last thirdy minutes.

today my dad took me to a gun show, it was pretty cool, my dad bought a bunch of cases, i fired a colt .45 with a red dot scope. I hit the bull's eye once, and a few every close to the bull's eye. Other than that it was pretty interesting. Oh and in case your wondering everone at the show seems to hate kerry, heh. Poltics seem to be everywhere.

well anyway so far my weekend's been alright aside from homework anyway, well i hope i can come here more often. ^_^ cya around

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