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Friday, August 27, 2004

today my dad picked me up early, and first we went to the toy soldier show, (i didn't buy anything) then the best part of the day! we went to pevs paintball, and bought a new very awesome gun

NO, not the dm4. THIS IS BETTER! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! i got a alias intimidator! W()()T!!!! with an empire reloader-B (better than a halo) and a "stuby" nitro tank! w00T! heres a pic

my gun is in the shop, they're attaching the drop-forword thingie & the line to the reg. we're going to pick it up tuesday ^_^

anyway, i'm sry everything is about paintball. I just haven't got anything new in terms of anime, but that will change! ... after i pay off my dept... of $270 but that'll be paid off faster than you'd think

thanks for support everyone, and you can expect me to come around to ALOT more sites ^___^ I'M BACK MY COMRADES!

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