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Sunday, July 4, 2004

man that is only time it's ever hurt so much
i have a welt on my neck... omg it it stings so much now. theres also a welt on my leg, not just a welt but a cut and i was bleeding because some smacktard turned up the velocity of his gun so he could shoot further.

aside from some smacktards i had fun at pev's. After that round with the jerks i went and played X-ball with some really nice folks.

X-ball is played on a clear feild with inflatable bunkers, i like it alot more than normal woods play. Because in woods play it's hard to really hit people because of all the brush and trees, sometimes you even get lost. But in X-ball the games are fast and very fun. Even if you get out each time it's still really fun to unload paint. In X-ball people are shooting like 3-5 tubes of paint.

my new gun: i posted a pic of the type i got. WGP 04' auto-cocker. it's a really nice gun, it doesn't have a electronic trigger but i've already gotten used to it and can fire at a fast rate. The air system is alot better than my tippmann, i've had alot of trouble with my tippmann which is partly why i got the auto-cocker. the accuarcy of the auto-cocker is amasing compared to the tippmann

anyways enough on paintball i bet i'm boaring you all to death

or news: ahhhhhh... well i'm going to instatute for the arts tuesday, and i'll be doing that for awhile. Then on saturday moldy and I are going to pev's. Then more instatute for the arts then it's possible i'll play paintball with my orther buddy matt. by then moldy will be on vacation other wise i'd invite him too.

you all have a great 4th of july ^_^

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