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Hey there!

Okies so, theres few things you should know aboute me.
Im 19
Im dating, which means Im taken
Im finnish, but none drunk (Jo says all finnish are...)
I hate racists and homophobes

And, most important, Im gay ^~ Heh.
Okay well. Sing my guestbook and visit my boyfriend HakuKohaku, plus his sister xSakurax.
Now, I hope to get friends here ^^ ttyl

And HEY, hear my gentle warning, this site is full of yaoi, so if ya dont like guy/guy relationships, just pass 'em by,

I love the couple Haku and Zabuza

Long live, Haku and Zabu

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines day....
Tony and I are gonna go around shopping and stuff.... Hehe... Well, I dont got much time so Im going.
ttyl, have a happy Valentine ^^

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Ok well.... My pic....
Me without eyeglasses.... Plus I dyed my hair....

Fugly squirrle-birdie-whateva....
Hope it works now...
My laptop has been screwing up.....

(I actually hope it WONT work....)

And yea I changed my site.... Jojo got me into Naruto and HakuZabu.... God how I love them.... AMW of them and the song Self Righteous Sucide by System of a down always makes me cry...

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

No shit. God....

Yesterday, we went to watch when some guys shot rockets. Jo said that the guy that was shooting them, his daughter was at her school and in the same PE class with her.
Anyways, Tony pulled me aside from everyone. We watched them for a while, then Tony just suddenly said "Hey Marko" I was like "Yea, what"
He started talking aboute love and that he never really belived in eternal love and stuff.... Then suddenly, he just shows me a ring and asks "Will you marry me"
OMG. Im so hyper!! Ofcourse I said yes. I mean I never really loved anyone this much... We've been snuggling and cuddling whole night, till all elecrity went down in the middle of the night. I hate darkness. Luckily Tony were there holding me, and Jo went for a mission to find candles. She managed to find them. Heh.
I gotta go. We gotta think how are we gonna tell Tonys mom bout this.... She hates gays and still doesent know we're dating....

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