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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'm making an effort to post even though I have oodles of homework.
And when I say oodles, I mean a lot, just FYI.

Those stupid boys are still pissing me off. And to make it worse, Hailey is their "friend" type thing even though they talk shit about her and she knows! I don't know what's wrong with that woman! Jeez.

I brought ALL of my grades up, 'cept for my English grade. It dropped to a C! Uuuugh. I had all A's and B's for like 2 hours. At least I'm still on honor roll.

Fuyumiko, stop getting a life without me! I'm trying to call you so pick up your damn phone!
♥ <---So I don't seem to demanding.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm Posting!!!

School has slowed my blogging abilities.

Damn that cat.


Speaking of school, I went to a 'Tech Party' today.
It was...Interesting. I learned that it was one of those things that you need to be experienced at to have a lot of fun.
It's basically 7862432465321 computers and a lot of games to go along with them. Oooh, Oooh! They had prized too!
I love this school.
But most of all I love Dvd Burners.
And my cat.
And Fuyumiko.
That that's about it.
[Besides my parentals, and chocolate and cheesecake of course.]

But we're moving on...

These stupid kids that think they are all tough because they are a year older than me [Even though I'm at least a foot taller than BOTH of them!] started ragging on MY HAIR today. My hair! My hair! How could you not like my hair.
They were just being stupid because like two days ago they made a comment about my shirt and I said 'Hey kids, don't be intimidated just because I'm ONE more person
that's taller than you.'
Boy that made them mad. But annnnyways, so they were all 'Your hair is gay' so I said 'Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?'. And, of course, I'm sure they got more mad at me. I just can't help it all the time somtimes. So yeah, they pissed me off. Then once I told them off they went to all their 'homies' and started talking shit about me. So, just to scare them, we waited until they went outside and called the payphone they were standing right by. [Don't ask how I knew the number, I just did.] And they picked up and we started saying things like 'Thank you for subscribing to hermaphrodite love, this is Stacy Loo speaking.'

...They hung up.

I know I'm going to fued with them more soon. Hopefully one day I'll see them OUT of school. Then I can send some mexicans to rape them or something.

My math teacher is a man bitch. I seriously loathe this man. He is old and balding and greasy.
That's all to be said about him.
Did I say greasy?
Ok, I did.

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