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Friday, January 18, 2008

you HAVE to be kidding me im not THAT sick

my dad thinks i have some weird illness thing...i dont remember what he called it. he wants me to go get a bloodtest. he says its DEADLY. im FINE! i have a temperature and i sleep a lot...big deal! that happens when people get sick =O its not like we get up and dance around like idiots! haha =P if he wants to say that me sleeping is bad why doesnt HE go to the doctor? he sleeps more than i do! and hes not even sick. AHHHH my dad is weird. ohhh well. =P pm me plz....i am bored.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

awwww dang it

im sick -___- and its durring the week of the 6 week assessment. that sucks. i dont wanna do make up tests X[ wahhhh. this is the first time i havent just skipped school in like 2 months. whyyy do i have to be sick on test days!? i might have what my mom had...which will mean more staying home days. oh well. atleast im not by myself because my sister comes over after shes done with her classes. ohhhh joy XP haha. sooo anyways pm me plz.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

ahhhhhhhh yes

oh my gosh. there have been sooo many fights at school. what happened? did people just start deciding to not just let things go? i dont get it. fighting is stupid and all it does in the long run is mess up your permanent record. gooooosh. haha well anyways i just came on to complain about that a little bit. hahaha shoooo anyways pm me. =]

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i just watched a show about a guy that is like 1000 pounds. they said he was the fatest man in the world. but he doesnt live in the united states *shock* with the rest of the morbidly obese people (like meeeee). =P im probabaly gonna be like that in 40 years tho. *slaps hand* BAD! that would makes me very bad. i wanna atleast be able to walk when im old. i want to have that even tho im gonna be old and have no money. XP hahaha sooo anyways nothing interesting is happening in my life so i decided to ramble on about that for a while. soooo yes. bye bye.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


yay! it snowed!...buuuut not enough to get me out of school. but it is the first time its actually been on the ground this year. yep....where i ive is the onlyyyy place with school right now. because i live by so much water. my school is RIGHT at sea level. well anyways its morning so if i have anything else to say im gonna say it later. byeeeeeee

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


greattttt my mom is sick....so i will probably get sick. besides that tho im good. my day was slow today. with my mom being sick and my dad never does anything. i dont have much to say about today. nothing much has happened in the last few days. anyhow im bored and if u pm me i will be very happy. =D <-- see look how happy i will be.

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Friday, January 4, 2008


today was kind of boring...again. atleast its friday. =] sooo anyways i just saw the pirates of the carribean movie. it was alright i guess. i still like the first one better. i spent most of my school day talking with my friends because all of the 8th grade teachers were gone. yes all of them. then i came home and i want my cell phone and its still gone. BLAH. well thats about it. bye bye pm me plz.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008


today was boring. i got up and went to school. i slept on my mom's chair last night because i was cold and didnt want to make me bed. my room is even colder than the rest of the house. haha sooo anyways i went to school today. i slept a little in 4th period while the teacher was talking about the colonies. it was review and no one was paying atttention. soooo then i came home and i looked for my phone more. i still cant find it. sooo then after looking for like 30 minutes i took a nap. i had like 4 hours of sleep last night. i was tired. and now im writing my post. mmmm today was soooo exciting. i was being sarcastic right there. eheh anyways have a good day and im bored please pm me. =]

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

sooooooooo yeahhhh

today is my last day of vacaton. ehhh i dont wanna go back to school its boring and i have to wake up early. i wouldnt mind as much if i could sleep in. and yeah....atleast i only have to go a day this week. that makes me happy...er. i think i have hw. im not sure what it is tho. sooo yeah im bored. pm me plz.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


my mom didnt get mad at me because my sister's hair was worse =D it was bright red because my sister messed up. her hair was supposed to be dark red...brown...ish. soooo yeah my hair is like a dark...dark brown. its cute tho. because it turned out a little purpley because i didnt follow the directions XP sooo yeah happy new year everybody. =3

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