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Jammin'...in the name of the past
Hey !!
geez I don't know what to say about me really
Well I have those so called "moods" sometimes
^^' but
OMG!!! I love drawing it is my passion
(yeah I know I'm qiute strange , but I think that it makes me some way a curious person )
well I guess my attitude for life changes like the wind - you never know in which direction it'll blow.....
well i like wind :) It makes me discover all of life's colours even those dark ones

Sunday, February 17, 2008

   a mission rank A
ok....maybe it'll sound weird and quite impossible, but I want to draw as many naruto main characters as possible...so... I've started with Legendary Sannins.... till this moment I've drawn Tsunade and Jiraya :)
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   My Otaku.....reactivation ;>
well....after meeting few interesting people here I've decided to spend a bit more time here :)
maybe after tommorow's exam in physiology I'll draw something new....geez my brain's capacity is getting lower and lower....I hope I'll make it tommorow....:)

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Monday, September 4, 2006

new pic !!!
I've just submitted my new pic !!!
yeeey !! :)
it Deedlit in my favourite pose

I have some kind of vene recently, so I should submit more in the nearest time.
but... there is one major problem with my scaner cause it leaves red stripes on the left side >:\

well maybe he needs to be cleaned up sometimes

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