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My name is Lindsey.
Wear it out as much as you'd like.
I live in a small town in Missouri.
I love anime with a red hot passion. Manga, anime, j-rock...I love it all.
I am nice.
I promise not to bite! lol That's enough right?!

Anyways, thanks for coming to my myotaku....If you add me, you are even nicer! lol.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Was pretty cool actually. lol. I went to a party today...It was interesting to say in the least!
How are you guys today?
I told cha all i was going to start updating more!
Look at meh now!...I am even adding people too!
I am me. Here me roar...-cough- -cough- or get a cold! whatever works!

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