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Welcome 2 my site, my name is Renee, but my online name is Sid, call me wut you like, it dont matter to me, i love to talk so pm me, i never turn away a new friend! Lots of Love to all...Renee

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   aim anyone??
i just got a new laptop and i installed my aim on in and i realized in one have 8 friends :[ so if u have aim and ur not my friend then u better come add me. my sn is ReneeMichelle4 but make sure i know who u r or ill mark u as spam. and if i dont "know" u. tell me that ur my friend from myotaku. ill double chack, then well talk :]
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   oh WOW!!
i havent been on in soo long!! im soo sorry everybody! well i finally logged on and ive got to say i love life! especially the people in my life :] like my boyfriend Chad. we've been together for almost 4 months [over twice my record!] and hes so amazing and incredibly great. we have our moments.. mostly when i feel neglected cuz he likes to spend 3 hours a day playing halo with his friend then text me :[ but we see each other everyday of the week so its alright. overall i cant possibly imagine ne more of a perfect person :] i truely do love him :]
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

hey y'all
sorry i havent been on for awile. just getting ready for the next play. a musical really, for the twilight zone. its goona be awsome. we worked really hard and its gonna show. its at alvarez high for those of you who are close to salinas. its on 1900 independene blvd. (which is alvarez) in the lil theatre and its a 7pm on may 3,4,5,10, 11, 12. $7 in advance and $8 at the door. enjoy
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

   OMG i am so confused....
i am kinda falling for this guy, and hes kool. and all my friends say that he acts like he likes me but thats it. its all flirting, like its not going anywhere. and all my friends are like, "how can you live like that? knowing that he likes you and not doing anything about it?". but thats the real problem...... i dont KNOW that he likes me i have just been told... and i kinda like being his friend.. were good friends and we hang out all the time, and besides, ive had some really bad relationships in the past and i want my next one to mean something, i mean ive only known him for like 2 weeks..... i dont want to rush things... am i doing the right thing?
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ok first of all i would like to share a song that i reserve all rights to....
" Thank the Lord barney's dead,
we barbequed his head!
What happened to his body,
we flushed it down the potty!

now... about the auditions... i so totally was freakin cuz when i went up there i was trying not to just stare at the paper i was trying to luk up every once and a while, then i lost my place and i started reading wut i already had read and im like "OMG i just messed that up" and Mr Roddy (our drama teacher) is all like it happens all the time, just dont do it again and im still laughing and he starts to laugh cuz my friends were snorting cuz they were laughing so hard, and b4 u no it every1 is cracking up, then i bombed it and got the lead role!!! 2nd the best... right??

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Monday, November 27, 2006

hey my peeps! i no its been a while since ive been on but gimme a break my comp got a virus from my stupid brother and him downloads and since then i just havent been a comp person...PLZ go easy on me!! anyway the winter ball is next wkend!!! i havent found a date yet but im working on it trust me!! for those of you who are a lil behind cuz i havent been on, (srry again) i have been done with that other dude in the previous post since september sumten, so yeah. also, i am so rolling on my community service hours, i already have 12 hours and i need 60 to graduate but im only a freshman, nost juniors havent even started, isnt that awsome?? well... i think it is...so without anyone totally mad at me for not being on, anything new?? i got a myspace, pm me and i can give u the details... ttyl i PROMISE!! haha pm me!^^
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