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KoNnichiwa!! Hi,every one,i'm a real anime fan,and im a crazy anime!!So im want to make many friend at the otaku!Im a friendly person to!

Friday, May 11, 2007

My band!!
Today,im practise with my band!!Actually i have my own band at school!!We didnt study today bcause we Prepare for this week umm...Party or fastival?!!(i dont know what its call!)at our school!so my band practise every day...Its make me tired!My band gonna performance on that day!!so i sing really hard!That day im gonna sing japanesse song and i dont know,i want to find out first!^-^actually my classmate dont know that i have a band at school,so i kept it secret!if i told them,im sure they gonna kill me!!*sigh*so bye for now, im gonna practise singing again...^-^!!Ja,mata minna san!!^0^
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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yesterday,im went to the mall with my friend!when we went in i bumped with guy!When i see,it was o.0(stupid,selfish boy)it was jesse!!and then we fighting as usually..It make me angry!My friend,want me to calm down,so i calm down!!We leave that monster and shopping!Then that monster went out with his gang!anyway i dont like shopping,i just help my friend to find something...when i help her,i saw TSUBASA CHRONICLE SEASON2!!so i bought it...And then we went home,i watch it!!^-^
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Friday, May 4, 2007

Today...im watching anime..it is BLACK CAT...its really interesting!!! i love train heartnet...His very kawai...So cute!!!^0^
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