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Hey Guys & Gals!
I shall take up using this site again cause by golly, did it give me alot of time to fill the gap on the internet.

I have facebook so friendly anime freaks, please be free to add me! (search Rachel Cridland from Bristol)

Leave some lovely comments for me as I haven't had any since 2006 BUMMER!! I shall upload some more art work FO SHO' so be sure to check that out cheers!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

   Guess who's back?!
Safe Bitches!

I haven't been on here in years and I don't hardly of the people I ever came in contact with are still using this site! NOOOOO!
I haven't exactly been watching much new anime series either, (booo! hisss)
Nontheless, Studio Ghibili will never get old! Though now Hayao Miyazaki has packed it all in it's not the same. My elder sibling told me not to bother with Tales from Earthsea, wasn't that good apparently! I dunno please comment and tell me what were your views on it!! I haven't yet watched it.

Anyway I'm keeping this short and sweet, much like MYSELF lols.
Love and Miss you all!
xXx <3

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