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This is my little space in the web. I hope you enjoy my wallpapers!! Some are made with my most loved characters and some with the most amazing drawings I have ever seen... To those artists that I don't know the names: Your Drawings rules! Congratulations.

Greetings and love from Guayaquil - Ecuador!!

See You around,

Friday, December 15, 2006

Oops it have been so long...
Hello otaku friends and guest!
It have been long since I wrote the last time, and even more when I uploaded a wallpaper... Well sorry about that. Let me share with you that last friday (december 8) was my graduation from the university!!! At last! after wainting so much time. Well I hope my inspiration returns to continue making more wallpapers. till then so long. Take care you all.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

Every day we most face our worst enemy

Our worst enemy lies in ourselves.
Don't let be defeat by he or she.
Overcome your fears, overcome your lazyside...
Live the moment. Fight for each day.
Step by step you will reach for your goals and dreams.
I fight my enemy every day.
Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.
Finding a way is difficult,
but don't let fear or frustration come between...
It's not easy but we most try.


Hope you enjoy this and the wallpapers. It came out from one of those days I lose the battle againts my enemy... Hope my words help some to keep going.

See you around.

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Sunday, April 2, 2006


My last wallpaper "From the light" Is an expresion of love and care a made for a very special friend. And I share to you all the happines I feel. I hope for each and one of you the luck of finding a friendship so special and true that can last forever. This may sound boring, but is important to count with someone to share, to laugh, to cry with ... to enjoy life.

I hope you all enjoy this bit of light, and the wallpaper too.

See you around everyone,


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