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Name: Momo
Age: 14
Height: 5'5 (I think........ )
ings she likes: Kiro and Rin, manga, anime,naruto,
Saiyuki, +aniThma,Inuyasha,fulllmetal alchemist,gaara
(he is soooooo hot!!! =3),loveless,scrapped princess,
Origami, fanfiction, music, cats, dogs,just about any
animal, riddles, explosions, fireworks, fire and
anything from Japan.
Things she dislikes: Politics, anything that has to do
with politics,the president (who doesn't?), the government,
people who don't likeanime or manga, people who say
anime is dumb, people who make funof my friends, bad
videogames, bad videogames that come from a long
line of good videogames, games with bad battle systems,
celebrities, things that confuse me, people who like
'normal' people, dresses, people who can't accept the
fact that they live in the same world the person they
hate most does, my conscience, the fact that I'm some
what of an idiot (yet i still get in the advanced classes),
spiders, anything with more than four legs, and
Hobbies: Origami, reading, scaring people, bothering my
sister, draw, hug my cat, dream of some day ruling the world
with my freinds and many other things.
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A day in the life of Momo and Kiro AKA Momo.

6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M. Wake up and get ready for the
evil thing we call education. If weekend I am still sleeping until 11:00.
7:00 A.M.- 2:45 P.M. Go to school, try to stay awake, and pray
that I won't have homework. Weekend: Still sleeping or playing
videogames or possibly at mall.
2:45P.M. - 6:00 P.M. If prayers failed do homework and chores.
If prayers were answered get on computer. Weekend: Play
games or computer.
6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. If done with homework and chores
get on the computer and watch japaneas naruto episodes
(with english subtitals)on www.youtube.com. If not finished
finish and then get on the computer and watch japaneas
naruto episodes (with english subtitals)on
www.youtube.com. Weekend: Same.
9:00 or 10:00 P.M. - 6:00 or 10:00A.M.
Sleep or draw.
Weekend: Same.
Repeat the next day.

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I am ichigo!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

haunted by blood
Pools of blood
Blood thats not mine
Such a sickenning smell

Its on my hands
Its on my face
Its on the floor
Its oll over the place

It wont wash off
Water dosent work
I can still feel it on my soul
It will never go away

I didnt do it
I was just a tool
I held the wepon
But he controled it

Its not my fault
But i feel so dirty
It wont leave my mind
The sight of him dead

Im no longer inoccent
I have seen a man die
I am corrupted
And i was controled

He forced me
To do things i did not want
Now he is dead
And i am haunted by blood

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Two young girls
Running under the crying sky
Tears streaking their faces
Plowing through the forest

Running from the destruction
And terror behind
Trying to forget
The sound of gun shot

Ringing in their ears
Haunting them
Not letting them forget
The death they left behind

All alone
No idea where they are going
Just knowing it far away
From the stench of chard wood and death

Through the unknown forest they run
Trying to find a place
Any place
To go

One looks back
Wishing it all away
The other stops and shouts
She turns back to late

Over the edge of a cliff
She did not see
Grabbing something
Anything stable

The other looks over
Already on her knees
She holds out a hand
Stretching as far as she can

Desperate she reached for her
So close yet so far
She tries to climb
And the rocks give way

They both scream at once
One of denial
One of terror
As she fall into darkness

Watching her disappear
Shouting her name
It was useless
She was dead

Her gaze was blank
Shaken with what had happened
Not able to comprehend
Her loss

And slowly she realized
Everyone was gone
Family and friends
The whole town in ruins

Her friend was dead
And she was alone
And as she started to cry
The sky wept with her

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Secrets are lurking every where
In the shadows
In the dark
Every one has a secret they wanna hide

To cover them up
They tell you lies
That even you can realize
Aren’t one damn bit true

Secrets can shift
Into any shape or size
They trick you into thinking
They are just another shadow you are walking by

They are just too tricky
To slick and to sly
You better keep and eye out
Or say good-bye

Because they lurk around every corner
Following you around
Soon they will catch up with you
And pull you down

The secrets that can hide
Could strangle you, corrupt your mind
And leave you wishing
You had just stayed inside

Shine the light and find the truth
Look the secrets in the eye
And tell them you don’t buy
The lies that cover up the truth

Let no truth be a secret
Believe no lie that stands before it
Find the truth because you know you want it
And let the secrets hide no more

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   i am me
what ever i am
im the opposite aswell

i am happy
i am sad

i am funny
i am cold

i am conferting
i am startaling

i am confident
i am unsure

i am smart
i am an idiot

i am helpful
i am lazy

i am complicated
i am simple

i am cool
i am a freak

i am proud
i am alone

i am me
and no one else
so please

love me
ignore me
see me
know me
befriend me
taunt me
laugh with me
laugh at me
stand by me
sit with me
folow me
scold me
smile at me
frown at me
yell at me

please just dont hate me
for i am fragile
and i will break
at the sight or sound of hate

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"when ever i get to them" quotes
i want to VERB your ADJECTIVE NOUN.

(a fanfiction tital)

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Friday, January 11, 2008

by me

There are two small streams
On two sides of the street
They remind me of
The mind

Two things are in the mind
Like streams they flow
One is the good things
And one is the bad

The good flows without problem
Nothing to can stop it
It is happy
It is free

The bad is stopped up
By will power
It is sad
It is pushed away

You try to shun it
You want to forget
Not feeling the bad
So you built a dam

Behind the dam is the bad
It is horrid to look at
So you only show the good
Even if it is just a trickling creek

The small flowing water
Is the only one shown
A forced smile or fake happiness
There is no pain seen

The clouded still water
Is stopped up by the spite
And hateful words people say
As if they were logs

But they can’t hide the bad forever
It shows in small ways
A sad smile
Empty eyes

Your mind is in turmoil
Not knowing what to do
Or who to turn to
Not wanting them to laugh

And in your mind
You ask yourself
“Should I Tell?”
“Should I Speak?”

Someone comes
You trip
They laugh
And you snap

Your mind is in pain
The dam is breaking
Your mask is falling
Your true self shows

No one is laughing
And you scream
As the tears fall down
Streaking your face

Then everything calms
As you sit down sobbing
No one says a thing
And you look up and stare

You start rebuilding the dam
On the empty stream
The bad will surly come
As it always dose

But then someone comes
And lends a hand
And Along with it friendship
Which is all you ever wanted

So rid your self
Of the bad
And from the lies
And Find the good you didnt think was there

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Monday, October 15, 2007

You say 'up', I say 'down', You smile, I frown, You jump
off a cliff, I go mug a clown.-- Kiro

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