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Here I am redoing this part...again. This time I'll just say that I mostly create wallpapers and some E-cards ever now and then. I'll also update this site and junk. Wow that sound boring. Oh well. LATAR!

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   Who are you? I am Lambo. Who am I? You're Lambo.
It's a few days later than I said I'd post, but at least I am posting.

Anyone else think time is moving very slowly lately? It was speeding by until Thanksgiving past and now it's slow as hell. Is it because I can't wait for Christmas? Is it Christmas yet? No? Boooooooooooooooooo...

Right now I am super in love with a character from Hitman Reborn...it's Lambo-san! It's weird because when I first saw him I thought he was strange, but then he got to me. I even changed my avatar because of him. Bad, bad, hot Lambo.

That's all for today. Me and my Lambo obsession will be sure to visit sites today. Later!

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The Hirako Shinji Club. Because he is that cool.
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Lambo!!! He's cute, hot and sexy :D
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