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Konnichiwa. Hey, I think most people should be able to find out why i'm here. and the reason is...because of anime/manga. that's the main reason and purpose. There. anyway...i'm Freya, phht, not my real name. Nice to meet you all.

I'm good AND evil. Nothing more to say. It's simple, I'm a good person, yet I'm also evil. So I'm mean but I can also be nice. .......That didn't make any sense...


Saturday, September 17, 2005

   wedding day
sigh...since i havent updated in a while. i'm thinking no one knows my sister is getting married. actually tomorrow. XD shes getting married tomorrow and i'm one of her bridesmaids. i'm not the maid of honor though. i was gonna but my mom insisted that one of the other maids be it since i'm too young. FINE THEN MOM! sigh 8th grade's hard. well not really, just really busy. :P so anyway, today what happened was that i traveled everywhere today. here and there. wedding rehersal and stuff. and now...i'm tired. lol. so okay, you know what? maybe i'll be back later...and talk some more stuff later. bye!
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Monday, August 8, 2005

   i'm back once again
geez, i seriously need to update more! i keep on pulling a jesus christ everywhere i go and i miss out on almost everything! but anyway. nothing much today. recently i've been downloading anime on bittorrent and htttp downloads. oh and can someone tell me how to burn movies onto a DVD? i mean seriously, my brother knows how but he's in NY at CIA learning how to cook and he also has part time jobs so its kinda hard to contact him when i'm in OH. i'd really appreciate it if someone tells me how.

okay, so and also, another reason i havent been on in a while was because of finding more graphic sites and hosting sites that host manga/anime and much more. and also i got a xanga. feel free to visit. it's the same username.

recently it was my birthday, august 3rd, so now i'm 13! ^^ i'm so happy! i got lots of stuff but most of them were strange. but my wishlist is photoshop and an ipod and maybe paintpro something or something.

well, anyway, later.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

oh geez. i havent been on this in a LONG time! downloading manga and anime, that's what a fellow otaku would do. :D

oh oh oh and also i'm an 8th grader now! yay! bye 7th grader! ^^ i'm really happy! actually i got out of 7th on june 3 and right now its june 12 soooo i guess this annoucement was very very late. haha!

oh oh and my scanner works now! submitting time! but i'll do that sometime around wednesday. ^^ i know i'm lazy because i have "other" things to do, heh heh...

well later people! hee hee! i really like yoshiki nakamura's works right now! hee hee! so i gotta go and read! :P

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

i was gonna watch the miss congeniality 2 movie today BUT when i got there my friends werent there. so u would basically get the impression tht they either ditched u or arent there yet. i immediatly assumed they werent there yet. so i wait for 15 min and then i call my dad on a pay phone and he calls my friends house then i find out they already went it! then i find out tht they said they were waiting for a long time BUT guess wht! the movie is at 3 and so i get there at 3:01, thts only like a minute late! and they go in! so i had to wait for 1 hour and 20 min doing nothing until my dad picked me up! tht pissed me off so much. today was supposed to be a "kill 2 birds with one stone" day, but it isnt rite? so u clearly should kno how PISSED OFF I AM! I MEAN WHEN UR FRIENDS WAIT FOR U AND UR ONE MIN LATE THEY WOULD AT LEAST WAIT FOR AT LEAST 5 MORE MIN! SINCE IN THE MOVIES BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS USUALLY THERE IS A 10-15 MIN COMERCIALS OF OTHER MOVIES COMING SOON. SO CLEARLY THEY WOULD STILL BE WAITING!


ok, im calmed down now

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