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Name: Raeza (Rae if you can't pronounce)
I have somewhat of a life.
Most of it is wasted here.

A must.
A simple
yet complex need<3345
I listen to nearly everything
that's worth it's title.
The rest, ehh;;DontCare.

Yes i like anime.
Yes i like my friends.
Yes i pretend alot.
And yes, add me:]
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Have funn kids.

Monday, March 26, 2007


my bus will probably be here in a few mins.
Well, since i cant be on during the weekdays, i'll make an effort to wake up extra late.
See? See how much i love you guys?
Eh -.-"
I'm tired though, but it's okay.
But now i have to wake up at 5:45am instead
of 6, okay so it's not a big difference.
But it's a change, nonetheless.

I visited some sites that updated last night, or whenever the time thingy changes.
If i dont visit, i'm sorry it's not my complete fault im grounded :I

News news news...
eh, i cant think of much, plus
i have to go, cause my bus is almost here.
Damn, im gonna have to wake up earlier.
M'kay then, off i go now^^

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh wow.

It has been a long time since I've posted.
I just read my old post...whoa, have things
changed. But yeeah, I'm back:D
...Not that I was ever really...gone,
it was just like...a break! :]
Well, anyways, I'm grounded-AGAIN!
But that's nothing new.
Well, I can only be on during the weekends.
Which really sucks-.-
What really pisses me off is that
I get grounded for the smallest things.
I miss the bus, I'm grounded.
I wake up 5 mins late, I'm grounded.
I miss ONE church day, I'm grounded.
I accidently make my sister cry, I'm grounded.

I cant complain.
At least its not for a month,
like last time.
Ummm, things at school are alright.
Home could be better, but has been worse,
so it's okay :]
I'm gonna get another kitty soon!
My mom gave our last one, because
she didn't like him, so bleh.
I hope she doesnt do that againT.T

I've been starting to distance
myself away from my old friends...
and whenever i try to talk to them
i feel like they're ignoring me
but theyre not,...ehh weird.
I'm guessing it's all in my head,
and they're not really avoiding me...
or maybe they are...ehhh, i shouldnt
think too much into it right now.

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