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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

  so yeah. lately i've been trying to find time to watch anime. and get back on this site. between work and sleep it's hard. but i've been trying to write my naruto fanfiction as well but i've managed to hit writers block. i shall survive though. so yeah. umm if anyone can give me a good website where i can watch naruto shippuuden episodes i would be grateful.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wow it's been a long time since i've been here...anyways. i've updated my site and i plan on coming back now. so anyways.

i went to the aime convention that we have here this year and i was in total love with it. this one group of people that were there were all dressed form naruto. either as the Shippuden forms or the younger versions of them. and their outfits were just amazing..arrg if i'd had the time to make one i would ahve cosplayed as well. god i can't wait for next year now. i'm STILL going giddy over a couple of the people there. and just i had so much fun...okay enough spewing of iformation lol. i've been watching naruto most often lately because inuyasha got a little bit boring. i've also started to watch Tsubasa chronicles and kaleido star as well. i just need to find a place to dowload episodes for free because youtube now sucks...except for AMV's.

well i hope you all like the new theme and i shall be abck to update again soon :)bye bye for now.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

  okay i am still working on fiding a new theme *sweat drop* it may take a while. anyways. how have you guys been? i haven't been so good. but that is only because of lots and lots of drama like stuff, to say the minimum...high school sucks. i also need to figure out what i am going to do for the rest of my life because i get to graduate this year. even though i ams till going ot high school to get better gradesd in my classes. and i keep feeling that my friends are abandoning me. and the feeling wont go away. like i'll be somewhere and my friends may or may not talk to me. only a couple do. my best friend is still acting like she hates me...so yeah she's been demoted from best friend to......friend/aquaintance. it's a pretty steep drop if you ask me. *sigh* well i will cheer up eventually and hopefully post something happy :)so yes bye bye for now.
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