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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   Sprites up
Hi guys. I've kinda been busy, that's why I haven't been online so much. I got an issue of shonen jump (skipped reading Yu-Gi-oh, who the heck knows why that's in there (excuse me to Yu-gi-oh fans I'm sorry I mean no offense, but that's just my opinion, don't follow it, because if people follow other's bad advice then the world would be avery chaotic place)so please plaesa forgive me. ) oh and I got Full Metal alchemist 1 (ed gets pissed off when people call him short :) ). OH yeah here is a gif made from the sprites (was gonna make this my avi, but its just a little too big. oh and miy sig is above and below.

Oh and some of the jedi sprites are on the sheets. (had to crop it-was too big for images shack).

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   Some clan stuff and Nickname decided
Sorry guys....I haven't been commenting on you're sites, because my brother has been using the computer so much.....I've also been so so tired with all of my schoolwork and other..I have to film the first football practice on friday (that is just one of the football practices...I have to film all of the games except travel games...and no I do not play football nor any sport ...I exercize on my own, because of my time constraint.I have some concept screenshots for you guys to see what the game might look like. And I finally got 60 guestbook entries!!!! Oh yeah and you guys can call me ninja-san instead of MizuhoNinja if you want but you can also call me MizuhoNinja. Either one works:

Tell me if the screenshots look fake or not, I tried my best. >_<
Ja ni! (what does that mean exactly???I guess good bye)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   School Started!
Hi guys, sorry I haven't been able to comment to your posts the last few days, been really busy. Today School Started! I have on of my teachers from last year, (she moved up from seventh grade to eigth grade) and three other teachers. I'm really glad to see all my friends again. Oh yeah, and the reason I've been so busy is because I had the drawing bug (I drew 1 picture and inked 2 yesterday). I have also been working on the sister site for the jedi order of symphonia: blue crimson. I also found a trick with a (patch) cord used for (i think a texas instruments T1-83 calculator-my brother's calculator) to record songs from dvd's (the theme song Smile Bomb and Daydream Generation from Yu Yu Hakusho). Anyways you plug it into the computer and the speaker jack and you use a program called wave pad and then record. Oh and a friend of mine who has a site is going to put the jedi order of symphonia's button on his and he gets about 3000 visits a month, so we'll be getting more hits :). I also am thinking about getting a new nickname which I think might be ninja-san (but I don't know, tell me what you guys think)Oh and would san be for a male? And if you want here is the link to Blue Crimson. Enjoy:


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Friday, September 2, 2005

   That's weird!
Hi again. Well, for some reason i have been in a mood to draw, and draw, and draw, but I also think i am too harsh on my self. The other thing is that I try to create wallpapers and upload them, but the myotaku server doesn't pick them up. Strange huh. Anyways, for reasons unknown School is in 4 days. >_< I have updated the clan site, So for all of you
Tos fans, I have put up so many cool character pics... directly from the Mangas themselves!!! :)

Oh yeah, I beat the really old game Zelda 2 last week which is by far the hardest game in the world, but now i've beaten vevery single Zelda game (except Twighlight princess), and I also went to see the play One man Star Wars Trilogy, and it was so so so hillarious, the best play ever!
I have also changed my background and my avatar, can't wait untill next week cause naruto premeires on Cn, and oh yeah,
Don't forget to add more Hugs!! (I know I'm weird L0l!)

Oh yeah and here are some cool pics (and a quote to go with the Star wars one:

Padme: "You're Going to kill him aren't you!"

Obi-Wan: "Kill him...No....Me...I would never do that, I'll just chop off all three of his living limbs, and then leave him to die after I take his lightsaber and then Mourn for him. And then In 18 or 19 years or something like that I will give his lightsaber to your son (did i mention that those baby is actually twins.) and also Anakin is the father and he will tell Luke this at Bespin in Cloud City, then sever his hand and then Luke will escape thanks to his twin sister Leia. Eventually they break the friend out of Jabba the Hutts grip, and then Vader saves Luke from Palpatine who is really Darth Sidious and has been fooling us this entire time. *pant* *pant* *pant*."

Padme: "How did you????"

Obi-Wan:"I'm a Jedi Master remember."

Padme:"Obi-Wan, you must save him from the Dark side."

Obi-Wan: "I will do what I must. And I will try. Oh yeah, and don't come to Mustafar because then you will see Anakin's true nature and then die from horror. Okay See ya!"

Oh yeah and the first non-anthology Tos comic came out.




And just cause it is a cool pic.

This mer-girl is pretty.

She's pretty.

(Y'know this reminds me of the time when Genis first saw presea. :) )

Okay have a nice day everyone. :)

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   Fanlisting falure and Site almost done
I've failed in creating a fanlisting. I will probably create a sister site in replacement of it, but right now my main focus is finishing this site and beefing it up. I have some buttons for the site and I will be making some concept screenshots of the game for the clan! Oh woops just gave away the suprise for those who didn't read the last post or go on the forums. >_< oh well.....here are some buttons that I made this morning for the site and a concept big button for the sister site (which will probably be done after the clan website when we work on the game).

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

   Cool Idea
Guys! I have a great idea, but you have to go to the forum to see it because it is way to big to explain. It could also bring a lot of publicity to the clan! I am going to need people who know flash and if you don't know, well try to learn (that's what I'm doing anyways. >_<). I am also going to need a lot of people to help me with it because it is a big project and whoever helps will be recognized. :):) I also might not update the site this week because I have to finish a fanlisting in about six days, ( I waited too long >_<. But to do this since Php does not run on freewebs and nor does smart Ftp I will have to make the site www.jediorderofsymphonia.com :):) for about 2.99 or 4.99 per month, so I can upload the php and also be rid of freewebs. :):)Don't forget to visit the forum, i need all of your help my freinds. :):)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   Computer Crashed
My computer has crashed! :(:( >_<

The website's progress will probably slow considering that I have to go to my library to edit it. :(:(

I have made some cool updates to it though! :):)


And I still need more people on the forum!!!!!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   Clan Forum Done!!

The Jedi Order of Symphonia Forum is up and active!

Hi everyone. The forum and half of the clan site is finished! I am also looking for some mods. I have a few but I am looking for more. Please imform me if you wish to take this responsibility and come onto the council. :):)

Here is the Forum link:


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Friday, July 8, 2005

   My Birthday!!!!!!!(and big present/suprise for clan members).
Hi everyone. Today, July 8th is my birthday. Guess what. To all the clan members:

Here is the Clan website (the launching of it, but still is under construction.):


Anyone who has fanart please submit it to me. It can be anything, just not inappropriate (XD >_<).

Oh, and soon a freind of mine is going to host the site(so...) No more Freewebs. :):)

Have a Wonderful day Everyone :):)

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hi everyone! I'm on vacation. I have no computer now to make buttons or anything or work on the clan website. >_< Anyways, what we do in the clan is that we make fanarts and talk about star Wars and Tos and maybe other things sucha s Rave Master, Yu Yu Hakusho etc. Oh, and I might be making a "brother" site to the clan site abiout Rave Master. Oh and I got this awesome game that is like a Rave Master version of Super Smash Brothers Meele except on game boy. O.k I'll update more when I get back from vacation. :):)

Oh and here is the members of the clan just like in the last post- I am putting the members at tht end of almost every post.

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