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Saturday, January 14, 2006

   The Polls are CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello everybody. Here are your votes' results (and my preferences) from the MizuhoNinja awards. If you want to put them on your sites go ahead.

By Popular Vote

My Preference

Here are some images I made today of the Mustafar Level concepts:

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

   The Polls are IN!!!!!!
Updated 12/25

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Oh yeah and Happy Chanukah! :)

From Monkey of the Corn

From Resolute Assasain

and from Me to everyone else (this is a wierd pic, that I found a wierd, wierd, wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd,wierd, french site:


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

   Great movie
Hi guys! Its after thanksgiving (I still think I'm digesting)! Last night I went to see the movie Rent and it was really really good. It really portrays society well and shows all of the different kind of people in the world.

The end of the year is coming so I have decided to start my "MizuhoNinja awards". There are quite a few categories but they're in polls and I'll probably get them up soon.I also played Battlefront 2 at my cousin's house (on X-box) and I really want to get it for pc, but I probably have to wait untill Christmas. >_< Also here is a gif that I made yesterday:

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

   Happy Thanksgiving!
Hello Everyone! Happy thanksgiving. The progress of my presonal mission is going well (don't mind what I say here, don't want to trouble any of you). Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. I can't wait to eat! :)

Oh and here is a gif that I made (as a concept for the clan game)
Yoda is the one who blows up the tank and he stops the lasers too (my odd explanation:

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Star Wars Epsiode three and Star Wars BattleFront 2 come out today!!!!!!
Yeah Epsiode 3 the greatest of the Star Wars prequals comes out today!!! :) I'm gonna have it by the weekend and Battlefront 2 by Christmas. Anyways, today was a pretty good day. My new cycle class is now Art!!! :) But there is a moron that I litterally want to watch him suffer and die. He jumps off people's houses for fun and breaks his limbs. What an idiot. He's a complete jerk. (just had to vent there...he's probably one of the only people who hate me in my grade). Umm...What else...I could not work on the site today, and I got new flute music books today (bring on the hard stuff!!!!). I can't wait untill the weekend and I might make a move that could either make my self-esteem go way, way way up, or cripple so its kinda a gamble. :)

For episode 3 --

"The New York Times calls it an 'Emotional Breathtaker'" ...That's what they said on the commercial. L0L!


This pic was added 11/18/05

Check out this Yuan Jedi Pic:

This pic was added 11/11/05

Check out this jedi kratos Profile pic:

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Monday, October 31, 2005

YaY!Today is halloween! I was origanally going to be Sanji, but beacme a corrupt buisness man (a con-man) beacause the wig was wierd and all flakey (it was a dude wig, so I dided it to Sanji's color). Hope you all had a good Halloween! LOL!
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Tos forum people (most of them) mean
The people on the tos official forums are so mean. They critisize fanart and sprites even if they are great. They're saying you forgot shading here, or you could have done this.... >_< Their sprites aren't even as good as mine (most of theirs). They are just so insecure (in my opinion), at least most of them.
Oh and my friend who owns hatedweb from school, he put the clan's site button on his site (so hopefully more hits). I also need anyone's button who wants to join. :)

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   Not miserable!
I have found a way from the dark side. I am no longer miserable. ^_^ I also finished another row of Kratos sprites (a few more...like 5 to 6 to go) and I made a gif out of them so here you go

Oh and I completely beat One Piece Grand Battle, I beat every single mode with every single character (secret characters too), got every system voice, every mini game, all 198 artworks, all of the costumes, have used every single secret move, gotten every stage, every character's belongings, artwork, voice, and support character artwork. oh and Arlong has the creepiest laugh in his super move. >_< I also saw Jaws last night and the thing is..they made the shark too smart and look too fake. It wasn't that scary. It was so awesome though when he took the gun and blew up the gas tank in the shark's mouth >_<. I also recorded the first song from Episode 3 the Game. And I got the latest issue of Star Wars insider, One Piece volume 3, and Star Wars Dark Nest 2. I will hopefully have the Kratos sprites finished by December (probably earlier). I have so many Ideas.

Here is a Kratos jedi avatar:


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Saturday, October 8, 2005

   I feel.......broken..........
I feel...broken.....I feel miserable. My soul has been broken in two, and it feels as if I have fallen to the dark side. I don't feel rage but I do. >_<

Well, here are some gifs that I made, and if you please could you guys that are in my clan put these images on the main page fot he Jedi Order of Symphonia on your otakus?

Game gifs

Don't worry Yggy fans, I will come out with pro-Yggy gifs.

Okay, I'll just go find some place to be miserable in. >_<

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

   Site updated and got One Piece + Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer
Hey Guys! Been super busy. I updated the Jedi Order of Symphonia so their is music on the intro page and on the front page there is a side bar, so everything is more organized (a bit)

you can view this here (just click on Jedi Order of Symphonia):

Jedi Order of Symphonia

Only the Main page and the Jedi Legends are like that.

Also I got One Piece Grand Battle for Gc,and it's really addicting. :)

Oh and watch this wicked trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2:

just click on view video.

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