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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Hello all.... Not much is really happening... and I'm really bored... aka; there's no one online/MSN for me to talk to... so I just desided to update... D: Not that I have much to say... Well... hopefully you're doing better then me... n.n D: Ra... I might as well mention it, earlier this week... either another day no one was online, or the day I missed school, I came across a website you can make message boards on; Proboards and I must've been very board because I made a role-playing board... /.\ and I'm very alone there... and if you would join it... or even look at it and think of joining it... or whatever... here's a link: My role-playing board thingy . For those of you that do join (if anyone) thank you... hopefully I won't be too bored any more... n.n''' well, that's all for now... Later


PS: Wait... n.n I remembered something new... *nods* I got a web cam thingy... *points at it* Nifty eh? D: not like I used it yet...

And I remembered something else... I'm not sure how many of you watch Naruto, but on New Year's Eve, Ayaa and I watched to 8 hour marathon of it... (we fell a sleep a bit 'cuz we stayed up 'til 6 that morning to watch YYH (D< damn.. I forgot about it today... /.\) but for those of you who do watch Naruto, you notic how he says "Believe it" like ever two seconds? Well, Ayaa and I do, and we hate it, we yell at the TV everytime he does (D: I do, even if out of the three students from team 7, I'd be him) and blah blah blah... but Ayaa had this idea, we were going to tally up how often he said believe it... I think he said it... almost fifty time... D< IN LESS THEN 20 EPISODES! (I think that's what it was, Ayaa has the paper so I'm not sure) XD it's kinda funny too... well... that's it for now... again... Later... and this time I mean it... *ninja* I just sneezed... I think someone's talking about me again... <.< >.>


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