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Friday, December 30, 2005

Helloz! No much has been happening since my last post.... just me... and Ayaa sitting on the computer re-reading past coversations and listening to music... and being really loud at the dead of night (we're really good at that). Last night at like... four this morning I finished the book I had to finish for English (Yay!)

But yesterday Ayaa and I were having a Christmas conversation since we didn't have one on christmas and Christmas is an essential part of one's life *nods* anyways... somewhere durning that coversation we discovered... oO Rei is a test tube baby (I doubt that though) So instead of him wanting to have the human parents I drew him... I drew him test tube parents... Oh yeah... X3 They crack me up... here's the first one


The world domination thing came after the rest of the drawing 'cuz I gave him chinese eyes and he looked like he was plotting... so... yeah.. I drew one of his family tree... but I didn't really care for it excpet the drawing of Rei...


x3 I love that... =D I think he's nude in the picutre... but I wouldn't know... n.n'''

Along with the test tube thing... Ayaa and I were listing to a song called 'The Seven Deadly Sins' that's a pretty cool song mind you, and I decided to think of at least one person to go with each sin... I did it, but I used some more then once... n.n

Envy- Kai, I forgot how... oh.. he's jealous of Rei's hot stud muffin-ness XD X3 DX
Wrath- Kai, Tala, Bryan, Spencer, Ian, and Johnny.
Pride- Enrique
Sloth- Tyson, and in the manga Rei
Glutton- Tyson, Max, and in the manga Rei.
Lust- Enrique and if one would use his Zodiac sign, Rei
Greed- Kai

Well that's it... I should go... oh darn (n.n).... later

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