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Hello I'm Miyako and I welcome you to my humble domain.

Obviously I like anime, um...I occasionally take online quizzes and uh...play video games(especially square!) Oh, I also love music. (current obsession is Cursive and Ted Leo and the pharmacists)

Well, anyway, enough of my pointless rambling. Sign my GB if you like and do whatever people do on other people's blogs. lol

Thanks Hisui!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   har har har

hm...don't know what to write. I like posting at the most random times, as if the thoughts, in their randomness, that pass through my head are the ones that are seemingly the most important and therefore must be recorded.

Hahah, I'm in a weird mood right now. Something between being content and being delirious.

That's what happens when you get no sleep.

I'd say today was...fair. Yeah, that's the right word for it. Kinda like those performance reports you get after playing a video game or something like DDR.

Haha, yeah, anyway. Today was easy, mostly just daily schoolwork filled the day. I keep getting the feeling that everyone is agitated.

The students. The teachers. The staff. Whoever.

i dunno, just trying to fill space and kill tiime. I know that there's a ton of homework to be done-but at least tomorrows a half day. Maybe I'll get stuff finished then. Just hope I can start concentrating.

I doubt it though.


Sunday, October 16, 2005


(sigh) I really, really hate school sometimes. I don't even feel like weekends exists anymore-in my world, those are things of myth-the one that goes along with the fabled thing called sleep that teachers don't seem to understand I need.

But anyway...

Took the PSATs today. The test wasn't too difficult, I was really nervous though -the talk of all this scholarship stuff makes me uneasy.

It probably didn't help that I didn't study...or that I slept really late.

Honestly though-not my fault.

Mis parientes were playing scrabble-and my crazy aunt was singing praise songs.


hm...not to mention the fact that I can hear her debating with the people through the television screen.

Every time i see her, she seems worse. Last time she tried explaining how the stars were actually fighterjets watching us and that good people can watch you through your television screen.

(shakes head)Whatever. It's not even something I'm supposed to talk about-it's just something we all ignore like it's nothing. My dad even laughs at it. Whatever Pa, it's your sister-your sick sister that your not doing anything about and leaving me to have to deal with her crazy theories. (sigh)

I gotta get to bed, the stress of reading all about the Whig party in History is really getting to me...making me cranky


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   "Just another manic monday..."

Oh, so it was the first day of school. I woke up early and got ready and blah blah blah. It was pretty dull because all we did was go over the syllabuses...and introduce ourselves.

The only somewhat interesting fact I can give you is that I went to one of the wrong classes in second hour. I went to my teacher's old classroom, only to realize in the middle that she had moved.

Silly me.

Oh and I also got my leg stuck in one of the tables at school...basically because I stepped right in between the chairs which are chained to the ground...it was quite painful.

That's it...Just wanted to document my amazing day here for me to look back and treasure...oh...

I'm so weird.


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