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Hiya and welcome to my homework-worry free realm of enchantment. I'm a brown haired and brown eyed sophmore (In college believe it or not) and I will be your tour guide for the duration of your stay on my site, so please relax and make yourselves comfortable. Lets see I was was born in the year of the rabbit and you will notice that I'm quite the optimist with only an occasional need to vent but it does happen. Well I hope you enjoy your stay and Please sign my guestbook on your way out. n_n Bye-now.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My site is messed Up

As the title says my site is really pathetic right now and it upsets me. Now all i have is a white background and none of my stuff is showing up. I guess this is just another myO malfunction like the comment box but still I really liked my site. I'm currently trying to fix this so maybe it won't look so bad by the time anyone gets here. But in retailation of this I'm throwing my support behind a good friend of mine's resistance group. DarkeAngel is behind this group and anyone interested should visit his site, i should have his banner up soon. Also to DarkeAngel your comment on my last post gave me a strange mental image, but you do have a point i guess i do have a strange scheldule. You can add organic chemistry and sociology to it too. Well today i'm going to go through my friend's list and find out who is still on myO since the new O became active. See Ya

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hiya everyone can you believe i'm posting again so soon. LOL. There's not that much going on really here tho. I'm still in school, but i'm getting lazier by the second. Thank goodness i only have to make till the end of april. Genetics is giving me major trouble and my teacher is an insane russian woman who makes a really interesting subject absolutely boring. The best part about that class is that she has rather broken english and often says things incorrectly whihc makes it funny. Yesterday she said "You can have real fun playing with your parnet generation" and " No absolutely no rocket science." Other than that i do have two classes that i'm thourghly enjoying and they are Horseback Riding and Japanease Film. My horse's name is Tess (short for Testy) which suits her perfectly, she likes to try to give me a hard time, but i love her anyway. My film class is only one day a week and basically we watch old Japanese movies. This week we watched Yojimbo and it was fantastic, I absolutely loved it. It was full of dark humor and stared my favorite actor so far Toshiro Mifune. With the exception of school most of time this week has been devoted to replaying FF8 by far one of my favorite games. If you havn't played go do so right now LOL. Tonight i get to play Super Mario Smash Brothers with some friends of mine. Were having our second "Nerd Night" as we like to call it. Well that's all i have for you, I'll talk to you later. Hope everyone is doing well. n_n

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Monday, March 10, 2008


So I haven't posted in while, your use to that by now i'm sure. n_n Gomen. Lets see i just got off of spring break and i really don't think i ready to go back to school yet. Honestly I think this sesmester and me are just on differant wave lengths or something. Oh well what can you do? I'll tell you what spend way to much money on Anime of course. n_n Over spring break i mostly hung out ceekari's bedroom playing fatal frame, but last friday Ceekari, me, and some of my friends all went to do some major shopping. I picked up and couple of random gundum manga at the first city. Then I got some random anime at another store, Animatrix and the spiral movie to name a few then I got the box set of seasons 1 and 2 of Get Backers(this is what cost me so much money $70) but i'm loving it. I luckily came down with strap this weekend(bet no one has ever said that before) and so i did what any sick otaku would and had an anime marathon and quite a few root beer floats. I watched the first 19 episodes in one sitting(thank god i wasn't in an Eva mood). So yeah good times. No need to worry though I appear to have made an almost complete recovering(just a small cough left) and i'm back at school, counting down the days to summer. Anyway back to friday, besides massive shopping sprees my friends also drag me off( well actually i was the one driving) to see Sweeny Todd in a dollar theater. And all they told me was that it was a musical, didn't say a word but the massive amount of throat slitting that went one. I mean i've got serious neck issues anyway, now i'm walking around like a turtle. But if you don't have neck issues then you should check it out,if you haven't already i mean, the acting was super. Well i should proably go to class, i intend to post again soon, no promises though. n_n

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Monday, November 19, 2007

hey guys long time no post from me again. Things have been pretty hectic around my neck of the woods lately. For starters i got a second job, I'm now working at the apartment complex were i live as well as at goody's, and yes i still in college. So all in all i'm pretty busy and pretyy fed up wtih humanity in general, trust on this never work in a store that is closing down, you will get blamed for everything by most customers. On top of that the wheather can't seem to decide what it wants to, i day it's snowing the next your wearing short sleeves and the next your in a torrential downpour. All in all i'm really excited about getting a few days off about 1 1/2 in my case for Thanksgiving. I havn't been home to see my friends and family in a while and i have gathered a good bit of Clamp to give to ceekari. After that i have the day after thanksgiving hell at goody's. I work 1pm to 12am friday and 3pm to 12am saturday. And then i've only got about three weeks until christmas break. Woot! Not to mention i'm turning 20 on december 15. I'm Old!!!! And thats really it, i lead a boring life, but hey somtimes excitement is overrated n_n

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Friday, October 5, 2007


Hello again, sorry for the long absence, but hey it wasn't quite as long as my last absence. Things have been pretty busy lately, it just started slowing down somtime yesterday afternoon for me. I feel like i have alot to say but i try to just keep to the important bits. On the school front things have been mostly the same, lots of homework, and lots of tests to study for. I am liking Japanease though and i feel like i'm learning alot, while at the same time that i never learn it all. Still though I know more than i did, which i can't say after taking two years of spanish. On the work front things all went kinda wonky monday night. After being at work about an hour my manger informed me that corporate has decided to shut us. Thats right as of January 26th i'm out of job. And i found out the day before a calc test no less. There is some good news however, if i stick with the store until the very end I've been promised as many hours as want(really up to 40 a week and i can't get overtime) and since i've been with company for three years(somtime this month) their have to give me a months worth of paycheck extra at the end. Normally I transfer home for christmas but this year I'll more than double the money i make by staying(my manger at home can only give me about 20 hours a week). This means two things first i won't get to spend as much time with my friends and family over christmas and second that I should now be able to afford my return trip to Anime Expo this summer(that assumes that i can find another job making approximate what i normally make by the end of Feburary). I personally feel that a week in californa at Anime Expo with my good friend Ceekari is well worth the sacrifice. n_n The only other important thing to happen in my life recently is that i got to spend a few days with another good friend a couple of weeks ago. Darkeangel as he is known on theO paid us another visit and we had a lot of fun increasing our anime and manga collections while decreasing our wallets. Well I need to run of to Chemistry now, i try to post soon. Sayoonara! n_n

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