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Hi fellow earthlings my name is unknown m i like to play on playstation 2 and i play soccer in my spare time n wen i am not playin soccer i am drawing anime or eating pie. my fav team is the united lads and i like 2 watch the girls walk bi.
my fav hobbies r girls, soccer, girls, bad mouthing pilky and ryou_bakura (who is a well known member on this site. school sucks. ryou_bakura has currently changed sites so if you want to talk to him talk to me and i will tell him. Thanks fellow earthlings talk to you soon
Iam not as good as some of the excellent sites on this page but i am going to try my best. one of the best animes has got to be yu-gi-oh. i play the card game and i have played against the best and...lost. But the 1 person i can beat is pilky (he's s**t)ask ryou_bakura he'll back me up
have any of u out there played on any of the final fantasy games, there brill. if you have lets chat bout it. ive got nearly all of the 12 games. and if u do play on them and get what there on about go to nuklearpower.com and read all of the 515 comics which are updated every tuesday thursday & saturday. der dead funny.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

wots the point of school were all only gunna be stuck in a dead end job ne way so y do we need an education, so as you can tel i don't like school. help me wiv my protest against kids going to school
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Friday, February 18, 2005

can't wait for the FA cup this weekend, chelsea are going down and manchester united will win everton 3-0, come on you rooney
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has anybody been to nuklearpower.com yet and read the comics? If you haven't you better because i'm going to the slaughter house ....and you won't be coming
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i can't beleive that i have to go back to school on tuesday. Why can't we go in 1 day learn stuff then have the rest of the week off.
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