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Monday, January 1, 2007

(Part 1) Happy New Year!!! >< no difference... cant feel it... o.O ::throws confetti:: confetti!!! XD ::puts hand in confetti box:: ....? noooooooooooo!!!! theres no more confetti!!!!
Naruto: how can you run outta confetti!?
me: well, go get more you dope!!!
Naruto: you!
me: you you you you!!!!!!
Axel: you get it, Naruto!!!
Axel: quit whinin!!!
me: loser!
::continues to throw confetti:: Happy (happy happy happy) New Year!!!!! >< (the end of Part 1)

alright, its the New Year so Happy New Year!!! cant believe its already 2007... can you guys? (ok, yes i can belive but...) ::yawns:: ill writ another post later, this was just the '07 post i decided to writemup... have any of you guys wondered what ws the complete fuss over New Years and why its even a holiday? i mean, all you are doin is goin into a new year - a mere 365 days - i dont exactly why its a big fuss. i mean sure, its a brand new year, you make a res and all and at least most ppl in this world dont sick to it!! well, anyway, the best part is we get off from school :P anyway, ill write up another post later, and how was your day? also, i have nothing against New Years, bu what do yo guys think about it? lemme know! kk, post another post later

(Part 2) wheeeeeeeeeee!!!! fireworks! fireworks! fireworks!!!
Sakura: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! look Sasuke!! arent they pretty!?
Sasuke: ..........
Naruto: i think theyre pretty Sakura, but youre prettier!!
Inner Sakura: you went to far, Naruto!! thats what Sauke is suppose to say!!!!!
Sakura: *whacks Naruto* shut up Naruto!!!!
Inner Sakura: ....why wont Sasuke tell me that...?
(end Part 2)

something i just wanted to make up. yeah, boredom. write a betterpost later - promise!!!!!!1 ^^

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