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Saturday, December 23, 2006

im back!!!!!!! ^^
hey all you guys!!!! i finally was able to get back on the comp after over-the-week i havent been (i made no sense)

good news: im understanding FFX better. im finally learnin the plot and everything, and its not as annoyin as it was when ui first played it - Christmas is a day to 2 days away!!!!!! ^^

bad news: me and my friends have been in a fight for 3 days. supposedly, on day 2, it was "cleared up" but now were sorta mad at eachother (or at least some of us are), so were thinkin bout how we can change. they dunno. we have to figure it out once we get back to school - when i went to school, it looked like someone threw up at the school door - my Secret Santa is a bitch, bitch, BITCH! we stopped bein friends w/ her cuz she gets mad at everyone for no reason, and never got me a gift even though we got her one. so much for her bein my Secret Santa. well, she said shes brinin it in when school starts up again in Jan, so well have to see if shes tellin the truth.

that was my week. how was yours? and... how are you guys? i missed all myO buddies!!!!!!!!!!


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